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Stadt-Tresor ST 8530
JC3 Stadt ST8530 Securitate Black
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Armored Van/Truck.
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Civilians
Top speed (km/h) 135
Top speed (mph) 84

The Stadt-Tresor ST 8530 is an armored van, or APC, in Just Cause 3.


It's an armored van used for the transportation of presumably valuable items. Its overall design is approximate to modified versions of the Mercedes Vario range.

The Rebel drop description says: "Marked by its cumbersome handling and limited top speed, the Tresor is most effective when throwing its weight around on the open road."

There are two exhaust pipes under the rear bumper. This is very unusual on real trucks.


The truck has a lot of low end torque and power, and it can easily grunt up steep inclines, but it is not fast.  The steering is cumbersome and heavy.  It takes a lot of turning to steer the truck in a direction.  At slow speeds, the truck handles fine enough, and that is how it should be driven.

Similar armored personnel carriers in other Just Cause games such as the Meister ATV 4 and Saas PP30 Ox have had below average performance, but good ramming ability.

This is one of the few vehicles that has a reversing signal.


  • Can be found near some police stations.
  • Sometimes spawn flipped onto their sides on the side of roads with dead Rebellion and Medici Military soldiers laying around the van, indicating a crash site. This is considered to be a Roadside Event.
  • Sometimes they rarely spawn in normal civilian traffic.
  • Sometimes parked at a construction site at Albeto Pero. However, this is if you haven't liberated the town yet.
  • After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via Rebel Drop.


  • The name is german, indicating that these are made in Germany.
  • 'Stadt-Tresor' translates to 'City Safe'. 'Trésor' is also French for 'treasure', refering to its role of cash transport van.
  • This is the only civilian vehicle that Rico Hijacks by blowing the door open with explosives.
  • It's a successor to the Meister ATV 4 from Just Cause and Saas PP30 Ox from Just Cause 2.
  • Sometimes along the road, you can find dead Rebellion and Medici Military soldiers spawned together around these crashed vans. This is considered to be one of the Roadside Events.
  • It's possible to glitch Rico into the rear compartment by standing on the roof and having a large Rebel drop item drop on you.
  • It's really weird that the side door of the rear compartment is on the left side of the vehicle, because that puts it on the side of the road and traffic when the vehicle is stopped on the side of a road. This is why all real vans and trucks with a similar side door have the door on the right. If the traffic is on the left (like in England) then the doors would likely be on the other side.
  • The exhaust pipes on real trucks are normally either pointed up, near the cab, or down on the left side of the vehicle. This is again to direct the smoke away from the side of the road (pedestrians) and away from the rear end where people would be loading cargo.
  • A vehicle nearly identical to this has been seen in some Just Cause 4 videos. See Vehicles in Just Cause 4 for latest info.


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