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Stinger GP
Stinger GP
At the Costa Brava military base.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Armed buggy
Weapons Mounted Gun (there's also an unarmed version)
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians (unarmed version)
Rioja Cartel
San Esperito Military
Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación
Black Hand

The Stinger GP is an armed buggy in Just Cause (1).


It looks like and is based on the Desert Patrol Vehicle.

It has a typical dune buggy appearance, featuring two front seats, freelaid wheels and a streamlined body with no windows. It has the capability of carrying an extra third passenger / Mounted Gun operator on the rear platform. If used during a "liberation" sidemission, it's likely that one of the Guerrillas / Riojas will jump on and use the mounted gun.


It's a fast off-road vehicle and has 4-wheel drive. It's among the best off road vehicle in the game. It's good with Stunt ramps. It's one of the vehicles that can drive at least half way up on top of a civilian vehicle. The main disadvantage is the relatively heavy damage it takes, when landing at a wrong angle. The metal panel at the front, which helps it to slide on to and over obstacles, is usually the first thing to break off.

Versions and locationsEdit

The Mounted Gun can only be used by a passenger on the rear platform. This is most often seen during liberations.

Owner Color Weapons Locations
San Esperito Military Gray Mounted Gun
Black Hand Black Mounted Gun
  • Appears during several "liberation" sidemissions.
  • Some appear during some storyline missions, e.g. "Streets of Fire". Of course, these vehicles appear after "Some Enchanted Evening", when the Black Hand start playing the role of the military, instead of government soldiers.
Guerrilla Green Mounted Gun
Rioja Cartel Yellowish None
Unknown Random colors. None


  • The spotlights mounted next to the machine gun weirdly enough become brighter when the handbrake button is pressed, as if they are brakelights.
  • The Weaponized Urga Ogar (JC3) and Weaponized Vagabundo Buggy (JC4) are successors to this vehicle.


San Esperito Military versionEdit

Black Hand versionEdit

Rioja Cartel versionEdit

Guerrilla versionEdit


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