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Stingray sideview
An overview of the facility.
Settlement in Medici
Type eDEN Corporation research base
Region Scolio
Province Stingray Area
Coordinates N 40 45.340 E 5 30.030
Missions that take place here The Heist Begins

The Stingray is a location in Just Cause 3. It's a major part of the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC.


It's an enormous off-shore rig with a tower in the middle and three parts that extend out of the middle area. Each of those three also has a tower. All towers have big antennae which shoot out blue arcs of lightning.

Before the Stingray Area is liberated, there's a disk-shaped green cloud above the Stingray. Approaching the Stingray by any means at this time will instantly kill Rico at the approximate distance of 750 meters from the middle, whether he is in a vehicle or not. This is because he gets hit by a thick electric blue bolt of lightning, which appears in the same way as a fully upgraded eDEN Spark's lightning beam, except magnified about twice as large. Once you are within approximately one kilometer from the middle, a warning message appears (with a lightning bolt symbol next to it).

The Stingray was constructed in the late 1980s by the eDEN Corporation to research the possibility of controlling lightning. They did successfully do that, but one of their experiments caused a major storm which magically caused the whole Stingray Area with all its rigs to disappear, until it reappeared after another big storm. After reappearing it was quickly occupied by the Black Hand who are interested in the eDEN technology. The Black Hand also constructed several floating outposts of their own.

See Scolio for a full list of what is found in the area.


The interiors are explored during the mission The Heist Begins, but they remain open after the mission. Also, after the mission there are no Black Hand soldiers on or in the Stingray.

The Stingray has one external dock, named "Dock 1" by the Black Hand. At this dock is a large closed blast door, which would lead to an internal garage. The Blast door can not be opened, but it's possible to swim under the door.

There are several large rooms. All rooms contain computers, office furniture, laboratory equipment, crates and boxes, dead bodies of eDEN employees and more. The rooms are connected to each other by corridors and blast doors. The doors are at first all closed and have to be hacked by the player. Some doors can not be opened and others spawn closed when the player returns. One of the rooms has another internal boat garage, but the bottom can not be swam through. There is no boat here during the mission, but later a Black Hand CS Powerrun 77 spawns here.

At the middle is a large room (called "main lab" by the mission objectives), directly under the central tower. The tower itself is the main "Atmospheric Modulator" which must be disabled in the mission. There are large roof windows above this room, so it can also be viewed from the outside.

Another entry/exit point is a corridor that connects the "main lab" to one of the higher decks outside. This also remains open after the mission.

There's at least one locked door where Eden will forbid Rico to enter, because he doesn't have "level 5 clearance". It's not known to be possible to use that door.

There are also unused hidden interior area with a small unused moon pool and a couple of hallways, it also has one dead guy. See the video below about this.


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Video of the hidden interiorEdit

Just Cause 3 Stingray Glitched Interior, including unused beta parts-1

Just Cause 3 Stingray Glitched Interior, including unused beta parts-1

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