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Stirling Jet Exclusive 9
Stirling Jet Exclusive 9
At one of its default parking spaces at the Mendoza International Airport, next to an AVIA.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Passenger plane
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Civilians
San Esperito Military

The Stirling Jet Exclusive 9 is a passenger plane in Just Cause (1).


It's engines are arranged in a very unusual way. There's a lot of real aircraft that have an odd number of engines (more than one), but it's very unusual for an engine to be located in the tail wing, as the middle engine in this aircraft.


It's the fastest civilian aircraft in the game. This plane is very durabale and capable of surviving some bad landings, but can easily explode when the wings are nudged by a moving vehicle, which is quite odd. It's perfect for getting around San Esperito at a good speed. Landing is quite safe depending on the runway's length, width and distance from a nearby road.

Sometimes when flying at low altitude, a helicopter can crash into the jet, which is a major danger to less experienced pilots. To avoid this, look very carefully for aircraft flying at your altitude. If you get lucky and don't get killed by aircraft crashing into you, look out for fire coming out of the engines. If not on fire, then fly at a higher altitude to ensure a safe flight. If on fire, bail out immediatley. Don't go to Stunt position as the explosion can still kill Rico. Make sure that you're at safe distance from the explosion, or you could still get hurt.

Versions and LocationsEdit

They all have grey wings. The colors refer to the body.

Owner Color Locations
San Esperito Military Pattern of different grays.
  • Los Hidalgos Air Base. This is thought to be for transportation of high government officials, but it's never seen in use.
Un-known / (Civilian) Combination of light and dark browns.
Combination of red and dark gray.
Combination of dark gray and black.
  • At a civilian airfield, next to the "Las Flores" village.
Combination of light and dark blue
  • At a civilian airfield, next to the "Las Flores" village.



San Esperito Military versionEdit

Civilian versionEdit