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Stop the Press
Just Cause 2 Walkthrough 39 Stop the Press - Roaches 22
Faction Mission
Faction Roaches
Prerequisite Stronghold Paradise Valley
Faction Influence Level 7
Required Chaos 390,000
Location In the sea outside Pekan Kesuma.
Chaos 5,000
Cash 10,000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Stop the Press is a Roaches faction mission in Just Cause 2.


The mission starts next to a bridge. Go under the bridge and wait for your contact to arrive.

Razak will arrive in a red Frisco Catshark S-38 and tell you that he has been poisoned, by lies and deceit and by the so-called free press. The press isn't free at all, but rather expensive and not even for sale, he tells you.

In this case, his problem is a "poisonous" reporter from Singapore, who's making a reportage about corruption in Panau. Ironically, Razak has been trying to bribe him, but when the reporter did not accept those bribes, he must now die.


You will be provided with a MTA Powerrun 77 and a Submachine Gun. This particular Powerrun is not equipped with a Rocket Launcher even when fully upgraded in the Black Market. This mission is usually short and easy. The Singaporean journalist will try to escape in a blue Winstons Amen 69, with two manned Miniguns. Just destroy the vessel and you will be done. Mission complete.

If you haven't upgraded your black market MTA Powerrun 77, you may have to jump to the Stunt position while chasing and shoot at the minigun operators. Then get even closer and use the heaviest weapon you have with you, or Grapple to the target boat and Hijack it.


  • The Singaporean Winstons Amen 69 is the only blue Winstons Amen 69, other than the one featured in River Runs Red.
  • For some odd reason, even when you upgrade your Agency version to level 6, this MTA Powerrun 77 always has two machine guns only, even if you restart the mission.
  • The Winstons Amen 69 is unique:
    • It has "Makoto MZ 250" written on the back.
    • Where there would usually be Panau Military logos is a number "23".
    • Even the little Panau Military shield on the back is replaced by some black stripes. Why in the world would this boat be referencing a motorcycle, now?
  • The "journalist" is a civilian wearing orange clothing, just like the gunners.
  • Alternatively, one can get an attack helicopter and destroy the boat from above. (See video below.)
  • This mission is slightly similar to the JC1 Agency mission Guadalicano Choo Choo, where you also have to kill a foreigner, in that case, a German.


Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Stop the Press

Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Stop the Press

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