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Both Stormchaser variants
Both variants.
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Special vechicle
Weapons None
Rarity Supply drop and missions only
List of owners Army of Chaos
Top speed (km/h) ~140
Top speed (mph) ~86

The Stormchaser is a special vehicle in Just Cause 4.


It is a vehicle that by its name, is designed to chase storms.

It comes in two variants: the basic model called Verdad 1 Stormchaser, and with an ion coil named Ion Coil Stormchaser.

The vehicle appears as some kind of APC of an older era, with a hatch on the roof and two doors on the back, along with wind devices and support legs. The bulkier front cabin looks like it is from an Egyptian Fhad 4x4 APC, with some tweaking on the cabin from APCs like the BRDM-2.


Pretty fast for a vehicle of its type. Without any sort of boost, this vehicle can reach its top speed fairly quickly, but lacks enough maneuverability at such high speeds.

True to its name, it is heavily prepared for storms, and the strong built allows to drive close without suffering the effects of strong winds and to withstand hits from oncoming debris.


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