Stria is a vehicle manufacturer in Just Cause 3.

Representation of corporate logo (colored).


Stria billboard at Citate Di Ravello

Stria advertisement at Citate Di Ravello.

They are a European corporation which produces passenger cars, planes and trucks. Based on their product line, they combine traits of SEAT, Fiat and Piaggio. Their logo as revealed in advertisements is a stylised "S" in red, yellow and blue. It appears as silver on car badging.

Corporate grilleEdit

The Stria corporate grille is a single-piece curved trapezoidal design filled with multiple vertically running chrome strips. Positioned centrally is the company badge, presented in silver. It is positioned upside down or otherwise depending on the model.

The Stria grille takes cues from the Skoda corporate grille and some mid-20th-century Russian state cars.


Game Product Short description
Just Cause 3 Stria Carera G Small passenger vehicle
Stria Carera Standard Small passenger vehicle
Stria Cucciola Small vintage car
Stria Facocero Pickup truck used by both the D.R.M. and The Rebellion
Stria Ghepardo 3S Sports car
Stria Ghibli 3 Floatplane
Stria Gioco Small passenger vehicle
Stria Giovanni Motorcycle (type unknown)
Stria Infimo S Small vintage car
Stria Joia Civilian vehicle. Also in service with the Medici Police Department.
Stria Kavala SUV
Vintage Stria M7 Motorcycle (type unknown)
Stria Obrero A military truck used by both the Medici Military and The Rebellion
Stria PW 220 R-GT Boat (type unknown)
Stria Risata Motorcycle (type unknown)
Stria Rustico Agricultural tractor
'69 Stria Sussurro Motorcycle (type unknown)
Stria Switzo Van
Stria Switzo Ambulance Ambulance
Stria Switzo Propaganda Propaganda van used by either the D.R.M. or Medici Military.
Stria Toro Pick-up truck


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