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Stria Switzo Propaganda
Jc3 Stria Switzo propaganda.png
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Propaganda van
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners D.R.M. or Medici government
Top speed (km/h) 150
Top speed (mph) ~93

The Stria Switzo Propaganda (in-game named Propaganda Van) is a vehicle in Just Cause 3.


It is a Stria Switzo van used by the Medici government. It is painted in the colors of the Medici flag and bears the likeness of General Di Ravello on its sliding doors.

It is designed in the basic silhouette of a typical European van. It takes design cues from the Ford Transit, Citroën Jumper/Renault Traffic and Mercedes Sprinter. Being a Stria vehicle, it features the company's corporate grille.

The van is equipped with loudspeakers on its roof and its purpose is to inform the people of numerous reminders, events, and general information.

When destroyed, it gives 200 Chaos points.

See also: Stria Switzo Ambulance and Stria Switzo.


This vehicle basically has the same performance as the Stria Switzo.

When hijacked, instead of playing propaganda, it plays a slightly bass-boosted version of the Mile High Club music from Just Cause 2. This is considered to be an easter egg. If the game music is turned off in the game settings, then it's silent.

Also when hijacked, you automatically get heat level 1 if you don't have heat.


In traffic in settlements, where it is required to destroy these vans to liberate the settlement:

This vehicle can not be unlocked for Rebel drop.



  • "Remember, the D.R.M. wears masks for your protection. True justice is anonymous."
  • "Please remember to return all census forms before the twentieth of the month to avoid incurring any unfortunate penalties."
  • "Random household inspections last week found several violations of Article 7, which mandates that every household contain a portrait of our beloved leader. The offenders will no longer pose a problem."
  • "Do make sure you return all census forms to D.R.M. headquarters, before the twentieth of the month, to avoid any unfortunate consequences."
  • "Attention, citizens - rebels can be identified by their long hair, sunglasses and baseless idealism. Report any such offenders to your local authority."
  • "Citizens are encouraged to accept all military pat-downs in the name of national security."
  • "If you see any acts of graffiti or vandalism, report it to the closest authority and receive free ration stamps."
  • "To collect your monthly grain rations, report to the town square tomorrow at 9 a.m. Only government-approved receptacles will be filled."
  • "Join us later tonight for the re-broadcast of the General's speech in front of the UN Assembly."
  • "D.R.M. officials would like to remind you, if you see something...say nothing."
  • "Citizens are encouraged to accept all military pat-downs as we work to eliminate the rebel infestation."
  • "Always remember the words of our esteemed leader: A clean mind, is a happy mind."
  • "A message, for our tourist friends. Welcome to Medici. Please enjoy our government-approved beaches, and our colorful law enforcement. Have a wonderful day. --Ravello."
    • The driver actually says "Ravello" at the end of this quote.
  • "Effective immediately: Any citizen wearing blue, will be subject to random search, and potential detainment for expressing rebel sympathies."
  • "Citizens, be advised, rebels can be identified by their long hair, sunglasses, and baseless idealism. Report such offenders to your local D.R.M. officials.
  • "We ask you to kindly ignore the smell coming from the south of town, until garbage services returns to the streets. Thank you, for your patience."
  • "I am happy to report, the General has expressed pleasure, at our town's courage, in the midst of insurgency."
  • "For more information on the General's "No Public Sneezing" initiative, visit your local D.R.M. headquarters."
  • "To claim your monthly grain rations, report to the town square tomorrow at 9 A.M. Only approved government receptacles, will be filled."
  • "Interested in joining the militia? Visit your local recruitment center today. Candidates must provide their own ski masks."
  • "This Thursday, come hear the Medici National Choir perform a lyrical medley of the General's most famous speeches. Arranged, by the General himself!"
  • "The General would like to remind you, mandatory calisthenics this Sunday at the town square. Don't forget your smiles!"

When Rico is in the Stunt position

Funnily enough, as long as Rico is peacefully standing on top of the van, D.R.M. won't actually attack him (or even care about him) and will let him continue to ride the van for as long as he likes. Placing a GE-64 charge on the vehicle is a crime though.

  • "Who do you think you are?!"
  • "Hey! You! Come on, get off my soapbox!"
  • "Hey! Get down from there!"
  • "This is the General's van! Not yours!"
  • "This is government property!"

If the van is set on fire

  • "Does anyone have an er fire extinguisher?"
  • "That's hot."
  • "We are in total control here."
  • "This is just a minor electrical fire, please remain calm."
  • "This is just a minor electrical fire, there is nothing to worry about."

When Rico is driving

Propaganda stops as soon as the original driver is extracted from the van, or when he is killed with out being removed.

Music starts playing when Rico drives.


  • It's made by the fictional company Stria.
  • Similar loudspeaker vehicles were used from the 1930s to 1960s in both the United States and Soviet Union.
  • It's the successor to the Propaganda Trailer from Just Cause 2.
  • The driver is a civilian instead of a soldier or member of the D.R.M..
    • In fact, this vehicle's driver's character model is the same as the paramedics (seen near ambulances) and as gas station workers.
  • One of the above quotes for a burning van is "This is just a minor electrical fire, there is nothing to worry about." An electrical fire in a vehicle is never "nothing to worry about". In fact in reality, if you see smoke coming from your dashboard and/or smell burning plastic, there is statistically only about 2 minutes to stop and get out before the vehicle is entirely full of fire.
  • If it is driven out of a town the van is no longer a chaos object and another one spawns back in its place, meaning the player could theoretically have an infinite supply if the game isn't reloaded and the town isn't liberated.
  • This vehicle is the only moving chaos object in the game and the first of its kind in the Just Cause game series.
  • Shooting the van's driver will cause the quotes to stop.
  • The quote “We ask you to kindly ignore the smell coming from the south of town, until garbage services returns to the streets. Thank you, for your patience.” explains why you never see any garbage trucks in Medici.


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