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Stunts and challenges are types of side-missions in Just Cause 4.

Not to be confused with improvised stunts.


Stunts (see improvised stunts) have always been a major part of the Just Cause game series. As of JC4 they are actually needed for settlement completion. Previously we needed liberations for this.

While most of them are easy enough, some of them require careful timing. And in some cases, some are unavailable until a vehicle is unlocked in supply drop.

Types of stuntsEdit

Vehicle unlock stuntsEdit

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be activated on the map first. These stunts are tied to completing the nearest settlement.

In JC4 most vehicles are unlocked at the supply drop by completing some "stunt" with them. These stunts range from very simple ones where the vehicle has to be driven through a loop at any speed to having to jump through a loop at an odd location.

In these stunts the required vehicle is always parked nearby, even if the stunt is located in complete wilderness. Normally the vehicle is with in 100 meters.

Speed StuntsEdit

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be activated on the map first. These stunts are tied to completing the nearest settlement.

These can normally be done with any vehicle. The speed ranges from about 60 to 300 km/h.

The displayed speed seems to depend on the used vehicle. 100 km/h could also say 53 knots if the player is using in a boat.

Wingsuit StuntsEdit

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be activated on the map first. These stunts are tied to completing the nearest settlement.

These require the player to fly the wingsuit through 3 rings with in a limited amount of time. Most of these are very easy if the player starts at an obvious nearby cliff where the first ring is located.

The "first" ring is marked differently, but it's possible to complete these stunts in any order of rings. It's also OK to switch to the parachute, or even land in between the rings, if necessary.

These stunts unlock upgrades for the weaponized and rocket-powered wingsuit:

  • 10 stunts - Additional rocket boost.
  • 20 stunts - Additional barrage of rockets.
  • 30 stunts - Third rocket boost.
  • 40 stunts - Third barrage of rockets.

Hoverboard CoursesEdit

The Danger Rising expansion pack adds a hoverboard and stunt courses for it. Once the last mission Rogue Agent is complete there will be 1 track at each of the submarines. Once the submarine courses are completed, two additional longer ones are unlocked in the snowy mountains biome.

Monthly ChallengesEdit

JC4 is getting new additional stunts each month for at least 6 months.

  • Solís Pro Tour - Adds 20 extra vehicle stunts to the map. These are more difficult than the normal ones. These can be distinguished by their purple map icons. See the section below for details.
  • Aerial Acrobatics - Adds 20 extra wingsuit stuns on the map. These are more difficult than the normal ones. These can be distinguished by their purple map icons.
  • Chaos Chase - Requires the player to get 500000 chaos points.
  • Beat the dev: Alexis - Requires the player to beat 3 "feats". See more about feats below.
  • Día de Muertos - Requires the player to destroy 12 Aztec-style head statues. These are all hidden in the countryside, but are easier to spot at night. This wiki has a map of these below. See the section below for details.
  • Solís Wild - Requires the player to airlift 10 different animals using the balloon grappler mod. See the section below for details.
  • Beat the dev: David - Requires the player to beat 3 "feats". See more about feats below.
  • Zaap! - Requires the player to destroy 5 Black Hand vehicles. See the section below for details.
  • Safety Test! - Requires the player to destroy a certain amount of vehicles. See the section below for details.
  • Street Art - Requires the player to vandalize 45 Black Hand propaganda billboards. See the section below for details.

Solís Pro TourEdit

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be activated on the map first. They are a special set of additional stunts that may be found all over Solís. They are distinguished by their purple icons. These are stunts of all types and are significantly more difficult to complete.

For example:

  • A plane has to be flown through a long tunnel in the desert.
  • Cars may have to be flown through rings in the air, away from any ramps.
  • A boat has to be sailed through a ring in a pool at the top of a skyscraper at Nueva Voz. The problem is that using a supply drop to get the boat here will make it explode. Conveniently the required boat is available at the nearby beach. The player then has to gently drop it into the pool by lifting it with a Próspero Sky Crane. The next problem is that the pool is too small to actually sail that boat, so the player needs to stand in the boat, at its drivers seat and then grapple the boat across the pool. Rico has to sit as soon as the cable is deployed. This may take several tries.

Aerial AcrobaticsEdit

These can be seen with the AR Scan as well. They are a set of wingsuit stunts that need to be completed under a certain amount of seconds, usually with only a second or two to spare when the stunt is completed.


  • One of them is located in the western tunnel leading into Nueva Voz, if one is approaching said city from the west.
  • Another one can be found in [the area where The Secret History of Solís ends] (link needs to be added later).
  • A third can be found at Zona Tres, where one has to make a very tight curve under a door.
  • Elsewhere.

Día de MuertosEdit

There are 12 large colorful skulls hidden throughout the map. (See the map below.) They're actually easy enough to find because the game points them out with the aid of small stunt markers at the top left of the screen.

Once destroyed, the release some confetti and fireworks and completing them all rewards the player with an additional optional wingsuit and parachute skin.

Solís WildEdit

Use the airlifter mods of the grappler to send 10 examples of specific animal species flying.


Hit 5 specific Black Hand vehicles with lightning to get a parachute and wingsuit skin. The DA 9.3 Lightning Gun does not count.

As it turns out, this challenge is only doable at three locations (really one): IllapaZona Dos and Meteolab. Operation Illapa and Operation Thunderbarge have to be completed in order to complete this challenge, as the blizzard and thunderstorm machine can be turned on at those places. However, Illapa is a mountainous area and Meteolab is nowhere close water, so it's only possible to get all five at Zona Dos.

The challenge can probably be done during said missions.

Safety Test!Edit

"Help safety test the vehicles of Solis to see if they're Rico-proof! Crash test all vehicles in Solís by driving them and bailing out at the last minute with explosive results."

If the player has any Downloadable content for Just Cause 4, then the DLC vehicles count too. One could have as much as 85 vehicles to crash with DLC, but as it turns out, there's at least 86 vehicles in the game. All of them can simply be rammed into a hard surface fast enough to get the challenge.

Street ArtEdit

"Help give the Black Hand a graphic design master class! New wingsuit" (new skin) "available to all those who complete the new #JustCause4 Monthly Challenge: Street Art! Graffiti over Black Hand propaganda throughout Solís."

There's 45 items in total and they're not marked on the map.

There are many massive billboards throughout Solís. Some advertise television shows and some new clothing. The ones to look for advertise a show called "Los Héroes", which features the Black Hand. Grapple yourself to a billboard and follow the instructions that pop up on screen. (The exact controls differ per console.) Graffiti appears over the billboard.

Rico is no stranger to street art. He is known to have vandalized a large number of Pandak "Baby" Panay Billboards in Panau.

These billboards are located at:

There are several types of graffiti that can appear:

  • In one option the text says "Los Hipsters" and adds mustaches and beards that make it resemble a billboard that advertises a historical show about the time of Otorongo.
  • Another vertical one showing a grunt carrying another grunt to safety becomes a mother possum carrying her babies.
  • There's several with banana suits.
  • The Solís flag is shown as multiple animals attacking some animal.


These are random gameplay things that the game constantly tracks. They can be seen in the game's pause menu, next to the map and supply drop.

Players can see their own score there and the cores of their "friends" from the Steam friends list, or equivalent console sites. As of October 4th, 2019, three of these scores were updated to show the high scores of Alexis from the game's development team. Beating all the scores by Alexis rewards the player with an additional parachute skin. A similar set of 3 high scores was set in November 2019 by someone named David.

  • Untouchable - Longest time spent with Heat without taking damage. - Time by Alexis: 2:43.
  • Blown Away - Farthest distance traveled by an enemy on a single continuous fire of PWC V4.2 Wind Gun. - Distance by Alexis: 21488 meters.
  • Vertical Limit - Highest elevation gained while wingsuiting. - Elevation by Alexis: 384 meters.
  • Frequent Flyer - Farthest distance traveled by a character from a booster. - Distance by David: 407 meters.
  • Stuck The Landing - ?
  • Gone, Baby, Gone - Farthest distance traveled by an airborne enemy after being thrown by grappler retracting. - Distance by David: 135 meters.


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