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Stunts and challenges are types of side-missions in Just Cause 4.

Artwork featuring Garland and Rico by @SCaprium on Twitter.

Not to be confused with improvised stunts.


Stunts (see improvised stunts) have always been a major part of the Just Cause game series. As of JC4 they are actually needed for 100% settlement completion. Region strikes will occupy the region, but doing all the stunts will mark the settlement as "complete". Previously liberations filled the purpose of "completing" settlements.

Stunts are assigned by Garland, who needs Rico to perform daredevil stunts for her movies. Doing stunts not only "completes" a settlement but gains Garland points as well. These points can be used to upgrade the grappler's booster mods.

While most of them are easy enough, some of them require careful timing and precise setup. And in some cases, some are unavailable until a vehicle is unlocked in supply drop. There are 124 wingsuit stunts, 185 speed stunts, and 127 vehicle stunts for a total of 436 stunts across Solís. Without mods to facilitate the process (such as additional wingsuit boost for wingsuit stunts, faster vehicles for speed stunts and vehicle spawners for vehicle stunts), it would take dozens of hours to complete all stunts.

Types of stunts

Vehicle stunts

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be "tracked". When near a stunt, the player will be prompted to track it by pressing some button. If not, open the map and press on the icon of the stunt to track it. These stunts are tied to completing the nearest settlement.

In JC4 most vehicles are unlocked at the supply drop by completing some "stunt" with them. These stunts range from very simple ones where the vehicle has to be driven through a loop at any speed to having to jump through a loop at an odd location.

In these stunts the required vehicle is most of the time parked nearby, even if the stunt is located in complete wilderness. Normally the vehicle is within 100 meters. Sometimes there isn't one nearby, necessitating a supply drop run or having to bring one from another area.

These stunts are anywhere between moderately easy to extremely challenging. Often, the difficult stunts are the ones where they require a ground or sea vehicle to pass through a ring several meters in the air. For ground vehicles, there is usually a ramp, but the specified vehicle might not be able to fly off the ramp and through the ring - more often than not, they drop short and hit the ground before reaching the ring. In these cases, try using the balloons and boosters on the grappler to make the vehicle fly/float through the ring (you might have to unlock some of the grappler mods to customize the balloons and boosters so that they work correctly during the stunt).

Most of them require the same vehicle. Examples include the Emsavion Utility Heli, Mugello Pescespada SX, Caravana Camper, Prisa Tía Moped, and a few others. Some of them only have one stunt to unlock them in supply drop. These include the Fishing Boat, Armadillo Crane Truck, and a few others.

Some of the stunts unlock a vehicle by driving through them. Otherwise, certain speed stunts also unlock vehicles.

Some require many tries, so many in fact that the player might use up all the nearby vehicles trying to complete the stunt. In that case, leave the area and when you're back, the vehicles should have respawned. If not, wait until the supply drop pilot counters reach 0:00.

Among the settlements with the more challenging stunts include:

  • Boca Vieja - The Prisa Tía Moped stunt may be extremely difficult for some people. The trick is to find a moderate speed for the moped to jump the ramps. If that doesn't work, use balloon mods or a Próspero Sky Crane.
  • Los Molinillos - The Verdeleon Eco stunt here unlocks said vehicle in supply drop, but the ring is located very high up in the air. Use a well timed tether between the car and a turbine blade or balloons to reach the ring.
  • Nueva Voz Norte - One of the Prisa Maradona Z stunts is located on top of the stadium, but the one below actually unlocks said vehicle for supply drop, so just order one and drop it on the roof. If that's too easy for you, you could also experiment with balloon mods to bring one up to the roof or use a Próspero Sky Crane.
  • Puesto Guardia Cantos - This one has a Mugello Pescespada SX stunt located on land. At first this stunt may seem impossible, but the speed boat can actually move slightly while nitrous boosting. Order one from supply drop or bring one here by some other means, line it up with the ring, and boost into it.
  • Punto Sur - There is a Mugello Pescespada SX stunt, but the ring is located above land in the air. Use balloon mods if you want, but the cliff side can also act as somewhat of an improvised ramp that can ramp the speed boat into the ring, though this may take a few tries.
  • Vista Futura - One of the Kerner 16' Vigeur stunts is relatively easy, but the other one is located at the top of a building. Use balloon mods to get the vehicle up through the ring.
  • Watasumag - The Kerner Brise 42 stunt here has the ring located very high up in the air. Use well-placed balloons to reach the ring. Two or three balloons at the largest size may be enough to carry it through.
  • Zambullida - There is a 2019 Vistosa Supercar stunt that at first glance, may seem impossible because the stunt is located all the way out in water, but some Barco Roro Ferries spawn in the water. Either supply drop one of these vehicles in or get one from somewhere else, bring one of the ferries to land, lower the ramp, bring the vehicle in, navigate the boat to the stunt, then drive through the ring.
  • There are several more "impossible" stunts located throughout Solís, but most of them just require creative uses of balloon mods or Garland's thrusters. The Próspero Sky Crane can also be very helpful for some of these stunts.

Speed stunts

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be "tracked". When near a stunt, the player will be prompted to track it by pressing some button. If not, open the map and press on the icon of the stunt to track it. These stunts are tied to completing the nearest settlement.

They require the player to pass through the ring whilst inside any vehicle, at a specified speed (or above it).

These can normally be done with almost any vehicle. The speed ranges from about 60 to 300 km/h, so depending on the stunt, the player needs anything from a tractor to a jet aircraft.

These are probably the easiest stunts in the game. Usually, a fast car should do it. When the rings are placed in strange places, e.g. between the pillars of a bridge, next to water, etc, any sort of small aircraft should do it. Boats would be more convenient for speed stunts on water, but aircraft might still be capable. Helicopters are usually the most speed-stunt-versatile vehicles in the game.

The displayed speed depends on the used vehicle. 100 km/h could also say 53 knots if the player is in a boat.

It's not common, but there are a few speed stunts which can be difficult or tricky.

  • Watasumag has a speed stunt which requires a vehicle to pass through the ring with a speed of at least 90 km/h, but the problem is, the ring is located very close to a building under construction. There is a ramp, but a big Wheel Loader is behind it, so any car that drives off the ramp might crash into the wheel loader. You can move the loader out of the way, but the biggest problem is the placement of the ring - it is placed in the hole in the constructing building's structure. The ramp's angle makes the car fly off it and ram into the wall just above the hole and the ring. Driving slowly will flatten out the trajectory of the car when airborne, but this might slow it down below 90 km/h. You can attempt driving through the ring from behind, but no car can accelerate to 90km/h in the short distance of the width of the building. One can keep trying the ramp and different vehicles until success, or use a PA Microfighter to fly through the hole with wings folded. This, however, requires extreme precision.
  • Vigía Rocas Caídas has a speed stunt which requires a vehicle (preferably an airplane or helicopter) to pass through the ring with a speed of at least 300 km/h. The problem is, the ring is close, but not too close to the ground, so an inexperienced pilot might crash into the ground without hitting the ring. The PA Microfighter has a top speed of 301/302 km/h without boosting, so using that plane is probably the easiest way to complete this stunt. Other helicopters have a top speed of around 300 km/h, so using them could work, but would have to be timed very carefully.

Wingsuit stunts

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be "tracked". When near a stunt, the player will be prompted to track it by pressing some button. If not, open the map and press on the icon of the stunt to track it. These stunts are tied to completing the nearest settlement.

These require the player to fly the wingsuit through 3 rings within a limited amount of time. These stunts can be anywhere between having to be done in under 2 seconds to under 20 seconds.

Wingsuit stunts can be anywhere between being very easy to being infuriatingly difficult. Most of these are very easy if the player starts at an obvious nearby cliff where the first ring is located; others, such as the Aerial Acrobatics stunts, are incredibly difficult and require great skill, haste and some amounts of luck. If the player purchased "Digital Deluxe" content (included in the "Gold" and "Complete" editions), they can use the SkyStriker wingsuit's rocket booster, which makes these stunts much easier.

The "first" ring is marked differently, but it's possible to complete these stunts in any order of rings. It's also OK to switch to the parachute, or even land in between the rings, if necessary. Do note that you must pass through the rings with the wingsuit.

Most of these stunts are easy, but some may be tricky. Some are also just extremely quick, with a few requiring all three rings to be flown through in under 3 seconds. The catch is, those kinds have the rings very close together. One could probably get through all three of them under 2 seconds.

These stunts unlock upgrades for the SkyStriker wingsuit (but only if purchased):

  • 10 stunts - Additional rocket boost.
  • 20 stunts - Additional barrage of rockets.
  • 30 stunts - Third rocket boost.
  • 40 stunts - Third barrage of rockets.

See Aerial Acrobatics below for the more difficult versions.

Hoverboard courses

The Danger Rising expansion pack adds a hoverboard and stunt courses for it. Once the last mission Rogue Agent is complete there will be 1 track at each of the submarines. Once the submarine courses are completed, two additional longer ones are unlocked in the snowy mountains biome.

As extra stunts for those who have completed the DLC, these are usually incredibly difficult, and the player will often ram into one of the massive missile silos or get shot at and put into ragdoll by some annoying Agency guy sitting around, even though his submarine's been blown up. Either that, or the player is tossed into the sea while attempting insane turns and corners.

Note that these are not assigned by Garland and don't reward the player with Garland points upon completion.

Monthly Challenges

JC4 got several new additional stunts and challenges each month for 10 months. These are not required for 100% completion, but completing them gives the player some cool cosmetic items.

  • Solís Pro Tour - Adds 20 extra vehicle stunts to the map. These are more difficult than the normal ones. They can be distinguished by their purple map icons. See the section below for details.
  • Aerial Acrobatics - Adds 20 extra wingsuit stuns on the map. These are more difficult than the normal ones. They can be distinguished by their purple map icons. See the section below for details.
  • Chaos Chase - Requires the player to obtain 500,000 chaos points. This is fairly self-explanatory, and is one of the easier challenges. The player only needs to go slightly out of their way to destroy any chaos objects they come across.
  • Beat the dev: Alexis - Requires the player to beat 3 "feats". See more about feats below.
  • Día de Muertos - Requires the player to destroy 12 Aztec-style head statues. These are all hidden in the countryside, but are easier to spot at night. This wiki has a map of these below. See the section below for details.
  • Solís Wild - Requires the player to airlift 10 different animals using the balloon grappler mod. See the section below for details.
  • Beat the dev: David - Requires the player to beat 3 "feats". See more about feats below.
  • Zaap! - Requires the player to destroy 5 Black Hand vehicles with lightning. See the section below for details.
  • Safety Test! - Requires the player to destroy a certain amount of vehicles. See the section below for details.
  • Street Art - Requires the player to vandalize 45 Black Hand propaganda billboards. See the section below for details.

If one starts a new game, most of these will be reset, but the rewards are still given for the first time you completed them. Beat the dev: Alexis, David, and Chaos Chase are never reset.

Solís Pro Tour

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be "tracked". When near a stunt, the player will be prompted to track it by pressing some button. If not, open the map and press on the icon of the stunt to track it. These are not tied to settlement completion, and are not required for 100% completion.

They are a special set of additional vehicle stunts found all over Solís. They are distinguished by their purple square icons. These are stunts of all types and make Garland's vehicle stunts look like child's play. They are often incredibly difficult.

For example:

  • A plane has to be flown through a long tunnel in the desert. The plane barely fits in the tunnel and a single scratch will throw it off balance and make it explode.
  • Cars may have to be flown through rings in the air, away from any ramps. In this case, one may have to get creative with the grappler.
  • A boat has to be sailed through a ring in a pool at the top of a skyscraper at Nueva Voz. The problem is that using a supply drop to get the boat here will make it explode. Conveniently the required boat is available at the nearby beach. The player then has to gently drop it into the pool by lifting it with a Próspero Sky Crane. The next problem is that the pool is too small to actually sail that boat, so the player needs to stand in the boat, at its drivers seat and then grapple the boat across the pool. Rico has to sit as soon as the cable is deployed. This complicated process may take dozens of tries to carry out successfully.

Aerial Acrobatics

These can be seen with the AR scan, but have to be "tracked". When near a stunt, the player will be prompted to track it by pressing some button. If not, open the map and press on the icon of the stunt to track it. These are not tied to settlement completion, and are not required for 100% completion.

They are a set of additional wingsuit stunts that need to be completed under a certain amount of seconds, usually with only a second or two to spare when the stunt is completed. These stunts require many sharp changes in direction without losing speed, as well as great precision as the rings might be inside a hole in a structure barely wide enough for Rico to pass through. One may have to utilize the wingsuit airbrakes or parachute to switch directions fast enough.


Location Description Wingsuit through all rings in under ## seconds
Bahia Pasiphiku Underneath a crossroads. Mind the supports. 11
Barranca Wañu Switching between parachute and wingsuit is very much necessary. Even then, you might have only a second to spare. 12
Base Aérea Yanacagua About two very tight turns have to be executed to complete this one. The last ring is located near a SAM site, way far away from the other two, so wingsuit boosting may be needed. 12
Campo Infierno Switching between parachute and wingsuit is highly recommended. 08
Cueva de los Susurros Wingsuit along the cave ceiling, but be careful not to hit the ceiling. 14
Joya del Sol Two of the rings are located on the Ferris wheel, while one is on the pirate ship rocking back and forth. At a quick glance, it may seem easy enough, but this one is actually far easier to wingsuit... into the wheel. Changing between wingsuit and parachute may be needed several times. 13
Lago Mitu This one is inches under a bridge, so be careful not to hit the supports. 14
Mina Vendaval One is located near some pillars, while another is near a Sphere Tank. The one near the pillars may need some extreme maneuverability, but the one near the Sphere Tank is slightly easier. 11 (pillars) + 13 (Sphere Tank)
Distrito Capital near Nueva Voz In the western tunnel leading into/out of Nueva Voz. This one is practically impossible to complete without wingsuit boosting (either with the SkyStriker or pulling the grappler along the ground). 13
Prisa Automóvil Be very careful not to hit the ground too fast. 12
Delta Río Wanay near Prospero Astillero The player has to wingsuit through a tower supporting some power lines. Rico has a high chance of ramming into the tower instead of going through the ring. After successfully going through one of the rings, the player has to do a 360 and come back the way they just went, to go through another hole between the tower. Then the player must fly through another ring located inside the tower, facing the ground. Crashing just once will lose precious seconds, giving the stunt zero margin for error. Direction changing must be quick, or the player will not be able to complete the stunt within the required time. 15
Prospero Tanques Switching between wingsuit and parachute might be needed. 10
Acantilados near Puerto Diego Mind the narrow walls. 11
Punto Oeste The high winds can really help you, but one wrong turn can cost you the stunt. 15
Templo del Cielo Try not to hit the mountain. 10
Tumba de la Princesa 15
Tumba del Sirviente Be careful not to wingsuit into the ground. Changing between wingsuit and parachute may be needed twice. 12
Zona Tres A very tight curve under a door has to be executed. 12
Zona Uno Doing this from higher to lower is much easier than going lower to higher. 11

Día de Muertos

There are 12 large colorful skulls hidden throughout the map. (See the map below.) They're actually easy enough to find because the game points them out with the aid of small stunt markers at the top left of the HUD.

They have to be destroyed. Any weapon will do; small arms or explosives are both fine.

Once destroyed, the release some confetti and fireworks and completing them all rewards the player with an additional optional wingsuit and parachute skin.

Strangely, crashing a vehicle into them does not work anymore. Flying an Aeroliner 474 or SkyCastle Cargo Jet into them will not damage it.


Location (relative or not) Short description
El Lucero Near the lighthouse.
Lago Bajo Qacha On the banks of the lake.
Los Ecos Towards the back of the settlement, near a farm.
Nueva Vida Slightly north of this settlement near a cliffside.
Villanueva On the northern beach.
Southwest of Illapa
East of La Cuenca
East of Mina Rocanegra
Southeast of Ojo de la Pradera
Northwest of Puesto Beta
Northwest of Puquchi
Southeast of Sitio Picos Nevados

Solís Wild

Use the airlifter mods of the grappler to send 10 examples of specific animal species flying.


Hit 5 specific Black Hand vehicles with lightning to get a parachute and wingsuit skin. The DA 9.3 Lightning Gun does not count.

As it turns out, this challenge is only doable at three locations (really one): Illapa, Zona Dos and Meteolab. Operation Illapa and Operation Thunderbarge have to be completed in order to complete this challenge, as the blizzard and thunderstorm machines can be turned on at those places. However, Illapa is a mountainous area and Meteolab is nowhere close to water, so it's only possible to get all five at Zona Dos.

Lightning strikes targets fairly randomly, but it does play by a few rules. Try getting the target vehicle to a high altitude, whether by flying it or by lifting it with airlifters/boosters. Lightning prefers to strike targets at higher altitudes. Standing around waiting for lightning to strike a vehicle on the ground takes a long time, unless there's nothing nearby, but there always is.

The challenge can be done during said missions.

Safety Test!

"Help safety test the vehicles of Solis to see if they're Rico-proof! Crash test all vehicles in Solís by driving them and bailing out at the last minute with explosive results."

If the player has any Downloadable content for Just Cause 4, then the DLC vehicles count too. One could have as much as 85 vehicles to crash with DLC, but as it turns out, there's 117 vehicles in the game including DLC. This challenge is easy but tedious. All the player has to do is destroy a vehicle that they were previously in, so you don't even have to crash it or anything. One can enter the vehicle, get out, blow it up and it would be marked as complete. This can be done in freeroam gameplay. One can make a list of all vehicles in the game and cross one off if it has been completed. Activating the AR scan and pointing at a vehicle will show its name, so if you can easily know if the vehicle is the one you need.

Street Art

"Help give the Black Hand a graphic design master class! New wingsuit [and parachute skin] available to all those who complete the new #JustCause4 Monthly Challenge: Street Art! Graffiti over Black Hand propaganda throughout Solís."

There's 45 items in total and they're not marked on the map.

There are many massive billboards throughout Solís. Some advertise television shows and some new clothing. The ones to look for advertise a show called "Los Héroes", which features the Black Hand posing like heroes. In-universe, this is probably some form of propaganda. To complete it, Grapple yourself to a billboard and follow the instructions that pop up on screen. (The exact controls differ per console.) Graffiti appears over the billboard.

Rico is no stranger to street art. He is known to have vandalized a large number of billboards in Panau.

These billboards are located at:

There are several types of graffiti that can appear. Most of them are humorous in nature, but a few might give one the creeps.

  • In one option the text says "Los Hipsters" and adds mustaches and beards that make it resemble a billboard that advertises a historical show about the time of Otorongo.
  • Another vertical one showing a grunt carrying another grunt to safety becomes a mother possum carrying her babies.
  • There's several with banana suits.
  • The Solís flag is shown as multiple animals attacking some animal.
  • If the Los Demonios DLC is downloaded, it's possible (albeit rare) to have Rico vandalize a poster with the drawing of a demon. It's uncertain whether Rico can do that if the DLC is not installed.


These are random gameplay things that the game constantly tracks. They can be seen in the game's pause menu, next to the map and supply drop.

Players can see their own score there and the cores of their "friends" from the Steam friends list, or equivalent console sites. As of October 4th, 2019, three of these scores were updated to show the high scores of Alexis from the game's development team. Beating all the scores by Alexis rewards the player with an additional parachute skin. A similar set of 3 high scores was set in November 2019 by someone named David. Most recently, three scores for the dev Steve have also been set. These are not standing world records. They are entry-level records set by game developers for players to beat.

  • Untouchable - Longest time spent with Heat without taking damage. - Time by Alexis: 2:43.
  • Blown Away - Farthest distance travelled by an enemy on a single continuous fire of PWC V4.2 Wind Gun. - Distance by Alexis: 21488 meters.
  • Vertical Limit - Highest elevation gained while wingsuiting. - Elevation by Alexis: 384 meters.
  • Frequent Flyer - Farthest distance traveled by a character from a booster. - Distance by David: 407 meters.
  • Stuck The Landing - Farthest jump in a land vehicle without destroying the vehicle. - Distance by David: 224 meters.
  • Gone, Baby, Gone - Farthest distance traveled by an airborne enemy after being thrown by grappler retracting. - Distance by David: 135 meters.
  • Drifter - Farthest distance traveled without touching land. - Distance by Steve: 2769.00 meters.
  • Freefallen - Farthest fall distance of an enemy who was attached to a lifter. - Distance by Steve: 94 meters.
  • Specialist - Farthest distance traveled by an RPG missile before detonating. - Distance by Steve: 3178 meters.