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Substation Controls
JC3 Substation Controls.jpg
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 3
Total amount Unknown
Armament needed Small arms fire or Grappler
Value in Chaos points 200
Approximate safe distance during destruction 10 meters

Substation Controls are destructible objects in Just Cause 3.


These sometimes accompany Long Range Radars and Antenna Towers. This would be a box of sorts that allows the large transformer and circuit breaker to be remotely controlled at a safe distance.


The most widespread way to destroy a substation control is to pull off the door with the Grappler and shoot the inside. However, it is possible to fully pull the entire object off of its foundation, which will cause it to explode in a few seconds.

If the doors are not torn off, it can survive a relatively large amount of small arms fire.



  • Once destroyed, lock on weapons can still lock onto where the substation used to be.
    • This is odd, considering the destructible is not there any more but still be able to be "targeted".