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Sungai Cengkih Besar
Si-47 Leopard at Sungai Cengkih Besar
A Si-47 Leopard lifting off the runway, about to be Hijacked by Rico.
Settlement in Panau
Type Airport
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:20910; Y:5575.
Missions that take place here None

Sungai Cengkih Besar is an airport in Just Cause 2.


It's a military airport. The airport comprises of two paved runways and it's connected by road to the Panau Motorway/Highway System, to the south. The airport is one of two airports in the district, with two paved runways each - more than any other district. Unusually for an airport, it will not be deserted after completion - there will still be soldiers in the base, but they are very few and with exception for the pipeline line control unit area and the colonel's old position, the area will not be restricted anymore.

One very unusual detail is that the airport has a gate entrance, like the ones at Strongholds. The gate can be opened with hacking, but is closed if you start over and get there again.

It's difficult to land from the south, because there's a highway bridge and some trees underneath the bridge, close to the southern end of the airport. A skilled pilot can still do it.

If you die here, you'll spawn at the Gunung Gila Pangkat stronghold, assuming you've taken it over for the Reapers.

The name means "Large Clove River" in Malay and Indonesian.




  • Getting here too fast after completion may cause the sabotage destructible object remains to become invisible. See also: Just Cause 2 Bugs and glitches.
  • The gate is quite strange, as it says 'Press [KEY HERE] to execute Action' when near the controls. Also, when actually hacking the controls it says 'Complete!' above the hacking sequence, but if failed it will say 'Failed!' above it. This is similar to Stronghold gates. Maybe this was meant to be a stronghold at some point? See also: Cut game content from Just Cause 2.

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