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The Supply Drop is a gameplay element of Just Cause 4.
JC4 supply drop other tab

List of other droppable items and how to unlock them.


It's a menu in the game where the player can select weapons, vehicles and other items that will then be dropped to the player in a shipping container, dropped from a cargo plane. The supply drop is unlocked when the player completes the second mission of "Operation: Illapa", called "The Illapa Project".

All the vehicles have to be individually unlocked by completing stunts and/or other tasks, such as securing regions in Solís or completing missions.

JC1 and JC2 have Heavy drop and JC3 has the Rebel drop system. The supply drop has some upgrades over those:

  • The supply drop can also drop items like Red Barrels, Piñatas, Naval mines, shipping containers, crates and up to two Umas (a giant stone ball with faces carved into it). The ball is about 6 meters fat and appears to be indestructible.
  • If a vehicle is listed as "rigged", it means that the vehicle is equipped with a bomb, similar to the bomb-armed vehicles in the Crash bomb event in Just Cause 3Rico defuses some of these vehicles in some missions.
  • The drop container's location could always be determined by the player, but now it's also possible to set its orientation.

Many vehicles are unlocked through stunts or securing regions, though some are also unlocked through reaching a certain rank in the Army of Chaos.

See Category:Just Cause 4 Vehicles and Category:Just Cause 4 Weapons for reference.


The player can now choose their own pilot for the drop. There are 2 pilots unlocked from the start of the game: Fortuna and Bulldog. They are later accompanied by Haragán, Bailarina, Brujo, Humo and Fiera.

The additional pilots are unlocked by reaching new Chaos point levels (called milestones in the video below), starting with level 4 for Haragán, level 6 for Bailarina, level 9 for Brujo, level 11 for Humo, and level 14 for Fiera.

It takes 6 minutes for a pilot to be reset, so more pilots let the player have more frequent drops. Advancing the front into areas of the map which have a factory will say "supply drops will restock +13% faster" (or +14% or +15% for some) allowing for more drops in a smaller amount of time. These factories include Prospero Astillero (ship factory), Prospero Aerospacial (aircraft factory), Prisa Automóvil (car factory), Prospero Balística (weapons factory), Prospero Torretas (turret factory), Prospero Tanques (tank factory), and Prospero Robotica (drone factory).

Each pilot can have a preset "loadout" of 1 item, for quick selection.


As of some update the pilots have speech lines.

When dropping the player after fast travel:

  • "Go kick some ass!"
  • "Give 'em hell, Rico!"
  • "Rico deployed! Hahaha. Hablamos, Rico."
  • "Thanks for flying with the Army of Chaos."

When dropping a weapon/vehicle:

  • "Dropping supplies, hefe."

List of itemsEdit

The following tables sort items the same way as the in-game tabs. If you want a list if items along with helpful short descriptions, see Vehicles in Just Cause 4, or Weapons in Just Cause 4.

Small armsEdit

Small arms Class Unlock Requirement
SW9 Assault Rifle Assault rifles Complete The Illapa Project
Bullshark Assault Rifle Assault rifles Unlock the Renegade pack (DLC exclusive)
SW7-PBA Assault Rifle Assault rifles Secure the Gran Batalla region
CC10 Shotgun Shotguns Secure the Isla Machaqwayes region
Golden Shotgun Shotguns None (unlocked when supply drop is unlocked ONLY IF you pre-ordered Just Cause 4 gold edition)
PBX Auto-Slug 4 Shotguns Secure the Riscos Altos region
21-J Smart-Rifle Combat rifles Secure the Paso Ventoso region
SMG-2 SMGs Secure the Altoyaku region
Defender Machine Gun Machine guns Complete Training: Bridge Defense
LRD-3 Sniper Sniper rifles Complete Training: Intel Grab
PBX Super-Sniper 4 Sniper rifles Complete Training: Wrong Side of the Tracks

Heavy weaponsEdit

Heavy weapons Class Unlock Requirement
AT7 RPG RPG Secure the Delta Rio Wanay Region
AT3-X RPG RPG Complete Training: Top Brass
PGL-6 Grenade Launcher Explosives Secure the Laderas Rojas Region
PBX Mine Launcher 2A7 Explosives Secure the Las Tormentas Region
RG-PBA 9 Railgun Experimental Secure the Kunka Region
PWC V4.2 Wind Gun Experimental Secure the Qachas Region
DA 9.3 Lightning Gun Experimental Secure the Phuyu-Kuni Region

Civilian vehiclesEdit

Civilian vehicles Class Unlock Requirement
Prisa Fresca X Cars Complete the La Explanada car stunt
Emsavion News Heli Aircraft Complete the Lago Bonito helicopter stunt
Emsavion Utility Heli Aircraft None
Prisa Hidalgo Cars Complete the El Lucero car stunt
Prisa Fresca Cars Complete the Sachayuyu car stunt
Cadadía 83' Hatchback Cars Complete the El Abismo car stunt
Kerner 16' Vigeur Cars Complete the Tributario Wanay speed stunt
Sol 21 Sports Sedan Cars Complete the Nueva Voz Centro car stunt
Kerner Charmant Limo Cars Complete the Quya car stunt
Caravana Camper Cars Complete the Encrucijada car stunt
Prisa Calzada Van Cars Complete the Aburrida speed stunt
Calzada Ambulancia Cars Complete the Joya Del Sol speed stunt
Prisa Viento SUV Cars Complete the Casa Soleadas car stunt
Prisa Viajero Bus Cars Complete the Hermosa car stunt
Pugilista SUV Cars Complete the Punto Oeste speed stunt
Pasofino Pickup Cars Complete the Boca Vieja car stunt
Ranchero Truck Cars Complete the Grillos car stunt
Prisa Tía Moped Motorbikes Complete the Ensueno speed stunt
Ritmo Rickshaw Cars Complete the Quya car stunt
Prisa Viveza Bike Motorbikes Complete the Los Gorriones bike stunt
Prisa X-2 Bike Motorbikes Complete the Casa Apu bike stunt
Cumbila Sedan Cars Complete the Capítan Valdez car stunt
Emsavion Floatplane Aircraft Complete the San Gael airplane stunt
Emsavion Cropduster Aircraft Complete 100% of all ancient statues
EM-909 Private Jet Aircraft Complete the Villanueva airplane stunt
Ultralight Aircraft Complete The Secret History of Solís
EM-979 Airliner Aircraft Secure the Islas Intichayes region
Emsavion Airship Aircraft Complete 100% of all surveillance airships
Kerner Brise 42 Boats Complete the Villanueva boat stunt
Dame de la Mer 99 Boats Complete the Prospero Balística boat stunt
Emsavion Float Heli Aircraft Complete the Nueva Voz Centro helicopter stunt

Combat vehiclesEdit

Combat vehicles Class Unlock Requirement
Warrior Offroader Land combat Complete The Illapa Project
Próspero Hauler Land combat Complete Thunderbarge: Obtaining The Ion Coil
Cavalry Armored Truck Land combat Secure the Arena region
Reptile AAV Unknown (Land combat? Naval combat?) Complete Operation Thunderbarge: Setup
Longbow Cannon Truck Land combat Complete Operation Sandstinger
Próspero Hunter Bike Motorbike Complete the Pachakawri speed stunt
Prizefighter Tank Land combat Secure the Abundancia region
Pointman Scout Tank Land combat Secure the Cerros Empolvados region
Warchief Assault Tank Land combat Complete Windwalker: Diversion
Falconer AA Tank Land combat Complete Training: Sacred River
Firebrand Scout Chopper Aerial combat Complete Training: Chopper Run
Spectre Attack Heli Aerial combat Complete Training: Communication Skills
Bloodhound Siege Heli Aerial combat Secure the Hatun Ukucha region
Próspero Sky Crane Aerial combat Complete Windwalker: The Stormchaser
Dropzone Chopper Aerial combat Complete Training: Dish Destruction
PA Microfighter Aerial combat Secure the Yanacagua region
Stealth Microfighter Aerial combat None (unlocked when supply drop is unlocked if you pre-ordered Just Cause 4 gold edition)
Fellhawk Jet Fighter Aerial combat Secure the Umina region
Thunderhead Bomber Jet Aerial combat Complete the Vigía Rocas Caídas speed stunt
Daggershark Jetboat Naval combat Complete the Paseo Puente speed stunt
Thunderbarge Naval combat Complete Operation Thunderbarge
Stormwater Patrol Boat Naval combat Complete the Prospero Balística boat stunt
Conquistador Warship Naval combat Secure the Recalada region

Stunt vehiclesEdit

Stunt vehicles Class Unlock Requirement
Garland King Studios Van Cars Complete Cut During The Chase
Prisa Rayo Sport Cars Complete the Agridulce car stunt
Prisa Azor 3 Cars Complete the Barranca Wanu car stunt
Vagabundo Buggy Cars Complete Scene: The Dawnflower
Chupacabra Trucks Complete the Quya car stunt
Rigged Chupacabra Trucks Secure the Cantos region
Prisa Maradona Z Motorbikes Complete the Nueva Voz Norte bike stunt
Prisa Temerario ATV Motorbikes Complete the Tumba de los Tres Ninos car stunt
Alpinista Snowmobile Motorbikes Complete Operation Sandstinger: Setup
Dondequiera Fanboat Watercraft Complete the Helipuerto Urqu boat stunt

Sport vehiclesEdit

Sport vehicles Class Unlock Requirement
Kerner Serpente S Cars Secure the Tierras Bajas region
Rigged Serpente S Cars Secure the Chasca region
Coyle Mambo Cars Complete Scene: Vanessaaaa!
Rigged Coyle Mambo Cars Secure the Tallaga region
'69 Mugello Raffinati Cars Complete 100% of all speed stunts
Mugello Quipozza G Cars Complete the Prisa Automóvil car stunt
Rigged Quipozza G Cars Secure the Hirkas region
2019 Vistosa Supercar Cars Complete Scene: Jewel In The Sun
Espinosa's Verdeleon Neon Racer Supercar Cars Complete The Illapa Project
Verdeleon Eco Cars Complete the Los Molinillos car stunt
Mugello Farina Trio Cars Complete Scene: Axman's Juggernaut
Furia Sportbike Motorbikes Complete the Aeropuerto General Benitez bike stunt
Mugello V405 Superbike Motorbikes Complete the Valle Soledad speed stunt
Mugello Pescespada SX Watercraft Complete the Lago Hatun boat stunt
Rigged Pescespada SX Watercraft Secure the Picos Helados region

Industrial vehiclesEdit

Industrial vehicles Class Unlock Requirement
Armadillo Forklift Truck Complete the Watasumag speed stunt
Modelo 4 Tractor Truck Complete the Casa Mayu car stunt
Wheel Loader Truck Complete the Mina Rocanegra speed stunt
Forzudo Armored Van Truck Complete Cut During The Chase
Armadillo Crane Truck Truck Complete the Prospero Torretas car stunt
Banda Conveyor Truck Complete the La Mazmorra speed stunt
Ion Coil Stormchaser Truck Complete Operation Illapa
Verdad 1 Stormchaser Truck Complete Operation Windwalker
Armadillo 9M Truck Secure the Paramos region
Cargo Trailer Truck Truck Complete the La Cuenca speed stunt
Flatbed Trailer Truck Truck Complete the Gran Central speed stunt
Car Trailer Truck Truck Complete the Promesas speed stunt
SkyCastle Cargo Jet Aircraft Secure the Acanatilados region
Barco Roro Ferry Watercraft Secure the Islas Kaupyes region
Fishing Boat Watercraft Complete the Descansito boat stunt
Spearhead Transport Watercraft Secure the Distrito Capital region


Other Class Unlock Requirement
PR83 Attack Drone Drone Secure the Hamparas region
PR17 Rocket Drone Drone Complete Beachhead
Cannon Mechanical Secure the Vaivenes region
Mortar Mechanical Secure the Maravillas region
Wind Cannon Mechanical Secure the Laderas Sur region
AA Gun Mechanical Secure the Picos Nevados region
Cargo Container Misc Secure the Urqu Verde region
Factory Crate Misc Secure the Frontera region
Confetti Pinata Misc Complete Training: Pinata Course
Fuel Barrel Misc Secure the Valle Río region
Water Mine Mechanical Secure the Cresta region
Uma Misc Complete The Lost Tomb of Otorongo
Uma Misc Complete The Lost Tomb of Otorongo



Just Cause 4 SPOTLIGHT Supply Drop

Just Cause 4 SPOTLIGHT Supply Drop

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