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Taking Candy From a Millionaire
Taking Candy
Faction Mission
Faction Ular Boys
Prerequisite Stronghold Power Surge
Faction Influence Level 6
Required Chaos 300'000
Location From Negeri Cabang to Kampung Jalan Gunung, East Tanah Raya
Chaos 5,000
Cash 10,000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Taking Candy From a Millionaire is a Ular Boys mission in Just Cause 2.


Sri Irawan claims not to be a materialistic man and to only take what's useful and not flaunt it... except, of course, if it's one of his weaknesses. Sri excitedly tells Rico about his passion for race cars and informs him of a convoy of cars coming out of a military base nearby. That convoy includes an allegedly Panau Military-friendly millionaire called Tom Gunawan. Mr. Gunawan is driving one of his prized sports cars. Sri naturally wants Rico to steal that car and bring it to a drop-off point.


It's up to the player to decide what mode of transport to use to catch up to Tom Gunawan's convoy. However, a red-marked Makoto MZ 250 is provided.

Use the Grappler to hijack the car and then just drive fast to the destination. It might not be possible to lose the Heat during this mission, so you'll have to drive fast, but don't drive too fast, or you might lose control and crash it. Destroying the car will obviously fail the mission.

Drive it to Sri's marked drop-off point, next to a Gas Station in the Kampung Jalan Gunung village and get out. The mission will end with some praise from Sri and a bit more Chaos points, money and some Collectable Items.




Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Taking Candy From a Millionaire

Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Taking Candy From a Millionaire

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