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Tallada Map
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Region in Solís
Biome/climate Grasslands/Mountains
Location in country Center

Tallada is a region in Just Cause 4.


It is a region in the center of Solís. It has vegetation not found in any other region of Solís, other than Laderas Sur to the north of this region. The vegetation here is mostly pine trees, but other tundra plants can be found as well. The southern part of the region is mostly a prairie due to tornadoes

It has only two civilian settlements: La Baza and San Gael, both of them being very small, giving the region a speculated civilian population of around 100 people.

The I-80 highway goes through this region.

Securing the region unlocks the Rigged Coyle Mambo


In the center of Solís bordered by AbundanciaLaderas RojasYanacaguaLaderas SurQachas and Paso Ventoso.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

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