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Tanah Raya is an area in Just Cause 2.
Tanah Raya

The red line shows which one of the islands is Tanah Raya.


The island Tanah Raya is by far the biggest island on Panau. It contains almost half of the settlements in the country. The island stretches out more then 25 kilometers counted at some places. Tanah Raya means "Great Land" both in Indonesian and Malaysian. It is split into 5 districts.


It's the large island with all the snowy mountains. It dominates the east part of Panau and consists of the following districts:

  • Berawan Besar Mountains - The snowy mountain range in the middle of the island.
  • West Tanah Raya - The western section of the island, which administratively includes Hantu Island to the west.
  • East Tanah Raya - The southeastern section of Tanah Raya, it is technically mostly a separate, smaller island.
  • Panau Tengah Bay - A coastal region in the southwest, at the edge of Panau's central bay.
  • Pelaut Archipelago - An archipelago to the northeast of Tanah Raya, with numerous small islands and military ports.

M2 motorway/highwayEdit

The M2 motorway circumnavigates the whole island, in a route around the mountain range. The M2 is by far the longest highway in Panau, around 72 km long.

Landmarks in the areaEdit


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