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Tanah Raya Timur Zeta
Settlement in Panau
Type Communications Outpost
Territory East Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:19090; Y:19465
Missions that take place here None

Tanah Raya Timur Zeta is a Communications Outpost in Just Cause 2.


The outpost is heavily guarded (15 soldiers instead of the usual 7), has a helicopter landing pad and the usual wooden barrack with a Medicine cabinet on it. It's also surrounded by many tree trunks. This Communications Outpost is 1 of 12 under the East Tanah Raya/Ular Boys influence.


It has no access via road, but it does have a helicopter landing pad. The outpost is very secluded on its little peak. This Communications Outpost is probably of importance (thus the extra defense), based on its location. The base is in a prime position to spy on the Panau Falls Casino, Pekan Pinggir Jalan, Kampung Hutan Hijau, Loji Kuasa Pantai Tokong and several other civilian settlements along the west coast of Tanah Raya. Tanah Raya Timur Zeta is also in a good position to communicate with Pasir Hitam, Kem Kapitan Mohideen and Telok Ayer Batang.





Tanah Raya Timur Zeta East Tanah Raya Just Cause 2 100% Completion-0

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