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The technician is a type of faction member in Just Cause 2.
JC2 Reaper technician

Reapers technician during the mission Rocket Science.


Their job is to hack into the Panau Military's computer system (as mentioned at the beginning of each stronghold takeover mission) so that they can take fully control of Strongholds.


Technicians only appear in the stronghold takeover missions and Into the Den. They always wear a white lab coat and some other stuff to distinguish themselves from each faction.


In stronghold takeover missions, the technician carries a pistol, but in the mission Into the Den, the technicians are carrying shotguns. They usually do not use them unless there's still Panau Military nearby.

Skin ModelEdit

  • Ular Boys - Wears grey pants, white lab coat, yellow rag and a gas mask.
  • Reapers - Wears desert camouflage pants, white lab coat, red scarf, eyeglasses, and a hat.
  • Roaches - Wears blue pants, white lab coat and eyeglasses.


  • Each faction's technician have their own faction's symbol on their chest.
  • When the Roaches technicians are speaking in the stronghold missions, there is no movement in the mouth. It's kind of strange to watch him talk with a closed mouth.
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