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Teluk Permata
Teluk Permata (aerial 1)
Settlement in Panau
Type Airport
Territory West Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:9454; Y:5760.
Missions that take place here Stranded

Teluk Permata is a small airport in Just Cause 2.


The airport comprises of a short paved runway, which for some reason looks like the 4 lane roads in Panau. It has several small buildings and a hangar.

It's name "Teluk Permata" is the Indonesian / Malaysian word for "Gemstone Gulf".

A fun thing to do at this airport is to park the Kenwall Heavy Rescue about half way down the runway, then wait for a Cassius 192 to come down the runway. Let it ram into the fire truck and watch the plane spin out of control.


As with any civilian airport, getting 100% completion will not stop aircraft (flown by the military) taking off, this coupled with the fact that the military regularly pass by means your visit should be temporary.


In northern West Tanah Raya, at X:9454; Y:5760. It's connected by road to the Panau Motorway System, which meets up with West Tanah Raya's second airport to the southeast.


  • ∞ x Cassius 192. Regularly takes off from the hangar. Can spawn in multiple colors. Red-marked and piloted by a Panauan soldier. It spawns in the hangar and takes off. After completion, this plane still infinitely spawns in the hangar and takes off.
  • 1 x Pell Silverbolt 6. A black variant, in the hangar. It's extremely rare outside of the Black Market. Green-marked.
  • 1 x Mullen Skeeter Hawk. Spawns on the path towards the runway. Can spawn in multiple colors.
  • 1 x Kenwall Heavy Rescue. This is one of the very few locations where it spawns. This is the only place other than cities where it spawns.
  • 1 x Peek Airhawk 225. Spawns at the start of the runway. The yellow variant might belong to Ular Boys due to it being their faction color. In addition, Sri Irawan gestures towards the plane during the beginning cut-scene of the mission Stranded. The yellow one spawns again after the mission. It has been reported that it may occasionally be red-marked.
  • 1 x Maddox FVA 45. Spawns near the settlement entrance. It's a red-marked green variant that can come with or without a Mounted Gun.


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