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JC3 Teo Talks
Character in Just Cause 3
First appearance Connect the Dots
Faction The Rebellion
Job Mercenary
Last known status Alive

Teo is a character in Just Cause 3.

Personal historyEdit

Teo has a love for statistics and studies. He is also seen having a few squabbles with Rico. Even though he is a mercenary, he is shown happily working with them on an armored vehicle, simply because he loves the subject matter.


Teo is a mercenary hired by Dimah just before the mission Connect the Dots. He works with Annika Svennson as mentioned during Connect the Dots. He is also good at patching up people with gunshot wounds, suggesting he may have been a doctor, or at least was taught medical training at some point in his life.

In the mission Son of Medici, he at first promises to help Rico, but then leaves him alone to fight Di Ravello on his own.

Unlike Annika, Teo makes no appearance in the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC. This is somewhat surprising considering that in all of his appearances throughout Just Cause 3, he is always seen with Annika.

His weapon of choice appears to be a CS Wraith 225R, as he is seen using it in several missions.

Towards the end of Connect the Dots, Dimah reveals that Annika and Teo "are not part of the Rebellion, but share [a] same enemy." Later, it can safely be assumed that Annika and Teo join the Rebellion in some form because they appear to praise Rosa Manuela and support Rico during the final mission.


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