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TextE Charteu 52CT
TextE Charteu 52CT
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Yacht-speedboat hybrid
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Civilians

The TextE Charteu 52CT is a boat in Just Cause 2.


It seems to be a mix between a yacht and speedboat, although it does not go very fast. The only difference in color schemes is the color of the lower part of the hull. It can spawn in dark green, black, dark blue and dark red.

The TextE is a civilian boat and despite having a deck, has all important components inside. There's a few seats inside the boat, presumably for passengers. The controls are also located in this area. This room is the only room in the TextE, which means that it's meant for leisure activities as opposed to housing. Knowing this, it'll probably be a boat for the richer civilians of Panau.

Due to the coloration, it may come across as a life guard boat. However the fact that it is always piloted by a civilian, and the fact that is very slow, means that it's most likely just a civilian boat.


Though the Charteu 52CT is a reasonably fast civilian boat, don't expect to be able to get away from the Panau Military. It does have a very flat bottom and low displacement, so it is very useful for navigating shallower waters such as rivers or areas of water nearer land. Turning is decent but compared to a more agile boat such as an MTA Powerrun 77, the Charteu 52CT is only useful for slowly navigating new areas of Panau's waters.


Trivia Edit

  • It is likely manufactured by Orque, because:
    • It has a French sounding name, although it doesn't translate to anything.
    • At the end of it's name it reads '52CT'. All boats manufactured by Orque have a two-digit number, then a letter before T (71FT, 21TT, 42T). The Living is different, by having only the T without a different letter before it, then again, the name isn't French or French sounding.
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