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The Agency
Agency decal, JC1.
Agency symbol
Top: Logo in JC1 and in one cut-scene in JC3.
Bottom: Logo in JC2.
Faction in Just Cause game series
Goal, or purpose Do the bidding of the US government
Ideology Protect the free world by overthrowing dangerous dictatorships
Leader Unknown
Starting base, or HQ Unknown, inside the US
Source of money US government

The Agency is an organization in the Just Cause game series.

Special relevanceEdit

The protagonist Rico Rodriguez works for them in Just Cause and Just Cause 2.

The organization also appears in Just Cause 3 and eventually becomes an enemy in Just Cause 4.


Two of the three main characters in Just Cause are Americans with goals along the lines of typical American "agencies".

The Agency may be a parody of the C.I.A.. The Agency provides each of its agents with a PDA.

According to promotional information for Just Cause 3, the Agency is "a covert arm of the CIA – simply called The Agency". In which case, it must've been created between 1947 and 1955, as 1955 was when the Vietnam War started and 1947 was the year the CIA was created.

There's some evidence that the Agency may have had some serious budget cuts between the events of the first two games. In San Esperito, the Agency provided its agents with many vehicles, safehouses and weapons - all for free. But in Panau, the Agency forces its agents to buy all their own weapons and vehicles. Even Tom Sheldon seems to have been demoted to a helicopter pilot, a job which was previously done by unknown Agency members, who flew a small fleet of much larger helicopters. Perhaps the U.S. spent too much on San Esperito?

They are back again in Medici, where initially their only job seems to be to maintain good relations with General Sebastiano Di Ravello. Later they begin to support The Rebellion. Di Ravello tapes reveal that the Agency was very useful in assisting Di Ravello in taking over Medici some decades ago.

In the Sky Fortress DLC and Mech Land Assault DLC, Tom Sheldon mentions that The Agency keeps secret repository archives of information about a defunct scientific research firm called the eDEN Corporation which The Agency had been in business with during the 1980s and 1990s. Sheldon relies on these archives multiple times to assist Rico in mapping the eDEN Airship and uncovering more about the mysterious activities on the islands of Insula Lacrima.

At the conclusion of the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC, it is revealed that The Agency is now in possession of a large cache of portable Bavarium shielding technology developed by the late eDEN Corporation. Sheldon was apparently under orders by his superiors to seize that technology at all costs and prevent it from falling into "incapable" hands. Whatever The Agency plans on doing with this technology is unknown.

At the end of the storyline in Just Cause 4, it's revealed that The Agency had close ties to Oscar Espinosa. Tom speculated that losing the storm core cost them trillions into that weather project.

Other Agency operations that have been mentioned in missions are:

  • According to mission info for "Black is black, I want my intel back", "Ten Agency operatives are MIA in San Esperito. They have left their "black box" digital recording devices behind. The Agency wants the intel back." These agents went missing before the events of the game. Strangely these "digital recording devices" are actual aircraft "black boxes", which would be quite inconvenient for secret agents to carry around.
  • According to mission info for "Red Eyes", "The Agency has dropped ten units of infrared surveillance equipment over San Esperito City." It's unknown who these were meant for and they were dropped before the events of the game. Strangely the info refers to a "San Esperito City", where as every other source and in-game info calls it Esperito City.
  • According to Maria Kane, Tom Sheldon was "personally involved" in a covert operation that set up Papa Panays regime.
  • According to missions from Downloadable content for Just Cause 3, the Agency had ties to the eDEN Corporation several decades ago.



The main Agency vehicle is a large white RV, the Pocumtuck Nomad. It's present in JC1 and JC2, but can only be driven in JC2. Some Agency vehicles can be obtained from the Heavy drop and Black Market. The Agency also provides several other vehicles during missions.

Vehicles (JC1)Edit

Available through heavy drop:


When the Agency pilot is kicked out of the Jackson JC - 2 Alamo during the hijacking he doesn't die. He is one of the few who can survive such a fall. Similarly immortal NPCs are the guys at Race triggers and Tom and Maria at mission triggers.

Vehicles (JC2)Edit

Available at all time:


Vehicles (JC3)Edit

Known membersEdit

Known contacts and alliesEdit

In San Esperito:

In Panau:

In Medici:

  • Sebastiano Di Ravello - Described by Tom Sheldon as The Agency's best friend. This is likely meant figuratively, based on context. The Agency would want to cozy up with Di Ravello due to his exclusive access to Bavarium, but he would not necessarily be their literal number one ally.
  • eDEN Corporation - The Agency was a business partner of theirs "more than 20 years ago". Tom thought they had gone bankrupt years ago.
  • The Rebellion - On the sixth mission Conflicting Interests, Sheldon informs Rico with the scanner he can convince The Agency to "give more help to the rebels."

In Solís:

Known operationsEdit

Known targetsEdit

Usual soldiers don't belong on this list, as they were killed in battle, instead of assassinated.

Gallery (logo design)Edit

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