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The Broader Scope
Port Gurun Lautan Lama - The Broader Scope
The sniping spot is guarded when you arrive, but otherwise safe
Faction Mission
Faction Reapers
Prerequisite Stronghold A Second Amendment
Faction Influence Level 4
Required Chaos 180,000
Location Port Gurun Lautan Lama,
Lautan Lama Desert
X:3380; Y:22730
Chaos 5,000
Cash 10,000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

The Broader Scope is a Reapers mission in Just Cause 2.


Rico Rodriguez's mission is to assassinate one Colonel Chen who "has taken it upon himself" to crush the Reapers. He is a heavily guarded colonel in a nearby military harbour. If you get too close, Chen will flee across the compound and into a bunker. Bolo Santosi suggests sniping him from a safe distance.


Grab the Sniper Rifle from the weapons box that Bolo leaves you with and snag the dunebuggy parked near the phone. Drive it to the main road, then take the single dirt track that goes off to the left. It's not marked on the map.

Drive under the pipeline and stay well back from the sniping position. It's guarded by three soldiers. If you have enough sniper rounds, spare three for these guys, or use other weapons and then head into the position. Another weapons crate with a sniper rifle is here and Bolo informs you of the targets exact position. From here you have a great view over the harbour. Chen is almost right in front of you. You won't have a hard time sniping him. If you should fail to kill him with the first shot, try and nail him before he starts running, else nail him on the run. If he makes it to the bunker, the mission fails.

Once you've killed him, you receive 5000 Chaos points, $10,000 and 1 vehicle and weapon part. On your way out, blow up any additional government equipment to wreak more chaos, including a pipeline. Of course, this is assuming you haven't completed this location yet.


It is easier to pick him off during the day. At night, visibility is rather poor.


The Broader Scope - Just Cause 2

The Broader Scope - Just Cause 2

Just a brief play-through of the mission.

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