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The Illapa Project
Map of Project Illapa facilities
Mira explains Project Illapa.
Mission in Just Cause 4
Type Main storyline
To unlock Complete Wanay Extraction
Starting location Academia Wanay
Reward The mission Agency Distress Beacon is unlocked and the supply drop has two pilots unlocked.

The Illapa Project is a mission in Just Cause 4.

Not to be confused with Operation Illapa (the last storyline mission), or the Project Illapa (article for the project itself).


Mira wants the top members of the Army of Chaos to meet for a big briefing.


After Rico takes over Academia Wanay, Sargento gives him a call, telling him to test out the new pilots. At the time, only Fortuna is available. You have to get a lift from her to Quya.

After arriving at Quya, you have to get to a nearby rooftop (preferably via wingsuit/parachute) where Izzy is waiting. Rico apparently thought she would have a chopper nearby, to which she thought he would bring one. At this point, Rico has an idea.

Open up the supply drop and call for a Emsavion Utility Heli. Bulldog is now available as a second pilot. After dropping it, you have to fly Izzy to Vigía Qhapaq. Along the way, Izzy will tell you to turn on the radio.

At the outpost, grapple/parachute your way up to a door. The door is on the roof of the building. At this point, a cut-scene begins.

Rico and Izzy walk inside where Mira is. They chat for a brief moment, before talking about how to take down the Illapa base. Mira explains that the bases defense cannons are too strong to directly assault. She continues to explain that Project Illapa has three more major bases: Zona Uno, Zona Dos and Zona Tres. Each of those is linked to one of the towers at Illapa. Conquering those bases should allow her to use their internal communications network to upload a virus that will make the Illapa defense turrets blow themselves up.

Rico's grappler has some noise emanating from it, which Mira notices. She remarks "Are you ever going to pick that up?" Rico knows the sound is an Agency call, but he refuses to answer, because he's no longer an Agency man. Mira points out that the signal is coming from very close by. Rico remarks that it cannot be a coincidence and walks out to find out.

The mission is over by this point. Several missions are unlocked, Agency Distress Beacon being one of them and the closest one.


  • This is one of the few missions where the Black Hand are not encountered.


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