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The Vampire
The Vampire
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Monster truck
Weapons Mounted Gun, but most are unarmed
Rarity Rare
List of owners Civilians
Montano Cartel
Rioja Cartel

The Vampire is a monster truck in Just Cause (1).


It's an excellent vehicle considering the amount of off-roading potential that San Esperito possesses in its many districts. The Vampire does not seem to have a body shell that resembles any other vehicle.

It has 2 seats, but you can only have a third passenger (machine-gun operator) on the rear platform of the armed version, during a "liberation" sidemission.

Strangely most of them are marked with some kind of symbols of unknown meaning on the side. These could belong to a beta faction that didn't make it into the final game.


This is the only land vehicle that can be safely driven into water without the danger of an explosion. It floats on water, just like a real monster truck does, but unlike the real moster trucks that can propel themselves forward (with the use of their large wheels), the Vampire becomes stuck. See also: Amphibious vehicles.

This vehicle's ability to drive up steep hills is unrivaled, it's one of the very few vehicles that can drive to the Rioja 4 "Eagles Nest" safehouse. Unfortunately this vehicle is too big to fit into the garage.

It also has a decent amount of power to go with it. Due to this and its height, it can drive over low vehicles like the Chevalier Street Bird De Luxe with pretty much no problem at all. The handling of The Vampire is almost as good as its speed, due to its large tires. The large tires allow it to turn normally where most cars would have to drift. The Vampire just needs to enter the turn widely and then cut it at the corner.

If you lean back and forth like on a motorcycle, the vehicle can do a wheelie by accelerating or, if you brake, a stoppie on the front wheels.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Weapons Locations
Civilians Random colors. None
  • Parked next to the gate of some kind of a quarry or possibly a purpose-built Stunt-track. Between "Guerrilla 28 Camp Victoria" and "Guerrilla 31 Boathouse camp" safehouses, on the westen side of the large road. This one is featured in the mission Sink the Buccaneer.
  • Sometimes there is one more at the stunt-track, parked away from the gate, near the track.
Montano Cartel (initially) / Rioja Cartel (ultimately). Random colors. Mounted Gun, pointing backwards.
Rioja Cartel Yellow None


Main article: Just Cause Bugs and glitches.

There's a glitch that can off-set this vehicle's center of gravity. When this happens, the vehicle will be standing on its rear wheels and the front will not get back down. Reloading a saved game should fix this.


  • In the beta version of "Midnight Club II", a racing game made by Rockstar Games (the creators of Grand Theft Auto, a series that inspired Just Cause), there's a car also called The Vampire. It's based on the 2005 Acura NSX. That other Vampire was cancelled from the game due to unknown reasons, however its details can be seen in its files, that are still present in the game.
  • During the mission Sink the Buccaneer, another Vampire tries to chase Rico for a race. But, it can also get killed by the San Esperito Military or Black Hand soldiers.
  • It is actually never featured other than the above mission.
  • A vampire is a fictional monster that hunts humans at night. The Potomac Silverbullet may be related to the same vampire theme, because silver bullets are said to be effective against vampires.
  • See Monster truck (disambiguation) for the successors to this vehicle.


Armed Montano/Rioja versionEdit

Rioja Cartel versionEdit

Unarmed versionEdit


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