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    I was searching in the files from JC1 folder when I found 3 videos that don't appear in the game. Two of them are speech from Mendoza and Caramicas, and the other is a news section that was cut from the game. Judge yourselves:

    News SENC:

    Speech Caramicas:

    Speech Mendoza:

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    • The news segments definitely do not fit the Timeline of the Just Cause universe. The first news story mentioned that Salvador Mendoza seized power "2 years ago", but according to the paper game manual that came in the retail box, he did that a mere one or two weeks before the events of the game. I'm guessing these were originally suppose to be shown after some storyline missions, just like the Gaceta Nacional del San Esperito ended up doing in the final game. In my opinion the newspapers fit the style of the game much better.

      The José Caramicas speech is of very poor quality, possibly to indicate that it was meant to be a Pirate Broadcast over analog TV. Sort of like how the mission Broadcast News did it in the final game over radio. But his message indicates that Liberations would only have been unlocked in the game from that point, or something.

      The Mendoza speech is the weirdest.

      • Firstly, it's broadcast on the SENC news channel that was in the first video being a parody of CNN. Why would CNN show his speech? I get that SENC is suppose to mean "San Esperito News Channel", but then why would SENC show US-friendly news from a US point of view?
      • And how come the video quality is so poor? I guess that's why San Esperito needs so many Television towers. All the mountains must be blocking the signal. At least the quality is better than what Caramicas managed.
      • It's said to be live broadcast from "San Isabella". Does that even exist in the game? There's definitely a Santa Isabella, but no San Isabella.
      • That song of his was so weird too. It's like he was mocking himself with a self-aware parody, or something.

      In any case, good job finding them and thanks for bringing them to our attention. I'll be sure to integrate them into Cut game content from Just Cause.

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      I also see another weird thig, in SENC News there's a little weather section, and most of the places that appear in it don't exist in final game. It could belong to a part of the country that was cut or simply the locations changed the name.

      I can't extract more information of these videos because I don't understand English spoken very well.

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    • Don't worry about it. I'd give it 3 days before someone over-analyses them.

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