• Event 1: We all know that the Volcano island in Medici erupted at some point and changed its landscape, causing some of the Ancient Medici settlements there be to flooded and abandoned, but there's evidence of at least 2 more major events.

    Event 2: Fortresses like the ones in Medici were in reality constructed in response to the invention of gun-artillery. Older middle-ages stone castles and city walls couldn't have stood up to bombardment from cannons, so they invented star forts. Star forts are only a few centuries old. But here's the thing:

    • How come many of the star forts in Medici are so high in the mountains? 16th century ship artillery couldn't possibly hit targets that high and surly they're older than the 19th century. Example: The fort just north of Vico Platessa.
    • How come a few bastions are even well below water and partly covered by the surrounding mountain/land mass? Example: Vico Platessa.

    Water level in the mediterranean sea has not changed since the ice-age, so this can only be explained by there having been some major geologic event that changed the landscape and raised some mountains and lowered some other mountains.

    Event 3: The aircraft carrier at Grotta Contrabandero is half way under the mountain. How is this even possible? The carrier appears to be no older than 1940s, but the same mountain contains ruins from the middle ages, or older. Surely that can only be explained by the mountain having moved and crushed the ship. How those ruins are still intact is a miracle.

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    • Event 1:

      The volcano erupted but those ruins had been around for a long time

      I dare to say


      Event 2:

      Other mainland Medician invader? It's impractical to have star forts that far in

      Event 3:

      Some underwater eruption that caused part of the mountain to collapse, bringing down half the mountain on the aircraft carrier

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    • Maybe the star forts in the mountains serve as a sort of spotting tower? But then if they were that then the medicians could’ve just built... well a spotting tower

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    • Well the star forts (more common name bastion forts) were actually a European construction of the 15th century to utilize the cannon better

      So use by Medicians of that era would likely have been used to utilize cannons

      Also what do you mean by star forts in the mountains? There are none known

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    • What do you mean what do I mean? 15th century cannons had a range of a couple hundred meters. Now look at the Cima Leon: Centcom. What ship from before the 19th century could possibly shoot that far and high? The cannons on ships like HMS Victory (~1800) had a range of only about 2 km and certainly couldn't be aimed that high. No civilization would build giant bastions this high, if all the stones have to be carried by hand, or horse. Bastions are meant to defend from cannonballs. The cannons themselves can be fired from any stable platform. By the end of the 19th century this type of defensive structures were obsolete because newer guns could completely blow them up with explosive shells.

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    • Wasn't addressing you

      Addressing the Thelgend27

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    • A FANDOM user
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