• I recently completed this mission and it really doesn't make much sense.  It's mainly the fact that they direct the tornado into the city.  First of all, the tornado would have killed many innocent people.  Second, torre espinosa was a memorial that was not dedicated to Espinosa.  Espinosa was testing on his own people and was killing them but didn't rico do the same?

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    • Torre Espinosa was Espinosa's symbol of power over the city

      With it toppled, there was no more symbol of oppression

      Rico didn't do the same

      And well

      There probably wasn't any civilian casualties

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    • He directed a tornado into a tourist attraction and in the tornado that happened ten years ago there were many casualties

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    • ...Avalanche probably didn't account for any civilian casualties

      And assuming they even saw the tornado coming

      Common sense would dictate them running into their home's most underground section

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    • Actually, there's a few things you guys didn't notice:

      • Near the start of the mission Mira mentions to someone to evacuate the city, so in theory the city was empty.
      • The tower by its name may have been a political monument, but it was revealed by the Solís Hoy radio that it was constructed right after the previous tornado that hit the city as a memorial to those who died.
      • The radio also continued to explain that according to some sources it was the Black Hand who evacuated the city, because they've had decades of weather research intel to know when one was coming. It was implied that the Black Hand were using propaganda to cover up the event. In theory, they could have said that it was caused by the Army of Chaos, but then the people would wonder how they did it. The idea is that nobody officially has the technology to control tornadoes and the Black Hand have only been using wind cannons to protect settlements.
      • This whole event was meant to demonstrate the weaponized weather control technology to the general population, to prove to them that the Black Hand had created that technology and that all the tornadoes from recent years were in fact controlled by the Black Hand. Rico and Cesar discussed this near the end of the mission, where Rico told Cesar to be happy, because he had discovered a real conspiracy by which Oscar had killed many of his own people. You can't just cover up the fact that this happened by propaganda, so this was meant as a major propaganda victory for the Army of Chaos.
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    • So the city was empty


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