• Yeah, I am finally back from the dead after who knows how long. So JC4 came and went and it looks like a decent game with some big issues which diswayed me from getting the game like the pretty odd graphics and lighting issues, the water, I think the complaints of the empty map etc. I won't get the game until it is discounted to like €20-€30 because I don't think at the state the game is in, it isn't worth it for me at the moment, maybe later down the line. I will probably get the game after all DLCs launched.

    However, I did watch a bunch of footage about the story and the ending did set up a final game for the JC series. Basically from my knowledge, Rico's father was killed by the Agency and Espinosa and used Di Ravello as a scapegoat for everything (so Di Ravello did nothing wrong, he was just blamed for the murders by the Agency so they could carve out a pawn out of Rico and Sheldon pretty much, they were puppets. Di Ravello still deserved to die for the brutality and murder of countless citizens but we can forgive him slightly for that). At the end of the game, Rico intends to destroy the Agency and Sheldon and Mira join in. This sets up the plot of the next Just Cause game.

    Now it is your turn!

    What do you want to see? What new gameplay features do you want to see? What things do you want to see come back or removed? What characters do you want to see come back and what region do you want to explore? What issues from the past 2 games do you want to see fixed? Feel free to put everything down in the comments.

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