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Thunderhead Bomber Jet
Thunderhead Bomber Jet
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Bomber Jet
Weapons "Carpet Bomb" and "Machine Gun"
Rarity Average
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos
Top speed (km/h) Unknown
Top speed (mph) Unknown

The Thunderhead Bomber Jet is a bomber aircraft in Just Cause 4.


It looks like a normal 2-engine fourth generation jet fighter. It resembles the F-14 Tomcat and when it is in the air, it's wings fold, also similarly to the Tomcat. The vertical tails differ by not being completely vertical.


It's one of the fastest planes in the game but the slowest military jet in the game.

It's armed with "carpet bombs" and a "machine gun". See also Vehicle mounted weapons.

Versions and locationsEdit

Black Hand one:

Army of Chaos one:

  • At the same bases, once the front crosses over them.
  • Can be unlocked for supply drop by completing some Vigía Rocas Caídas speed stunt.
  • Randomly flying around (may engage BH patrols)


  • This is a successor to the U-7 Dravec from Just Cause 3.
  • In reality there is no such thing as a "carpet bomb". There is however an activity known as "carpet bombing" (link to wikipedia).
  • As revealed by pre-launch gameplay videos, this vehicle originally had names "Emsavion Thunderhead" and "Prospero Thunderhead", until finally becoming "Thunderhead Bomber Jet". About half of the Vehicles in Just Cause 4 originally had much more realistic names before they decided to add the vehicles definitions to the ends of names. See also Cut game content from Just Cause 4.



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