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Tom Sheldon
JC4 Tom Sheldon artwork.png
As seen in Just Cause 4.
Character in Just Cause game series
First appearance Devil's Drop Zone
Faction The Agency (JC1 to JC3)
White Tiger (JC2 only)
Army of Chaos (JC4)
Job Case officer and helicopter pilot for the Agency
Former faction leader for the White Tiger
Helicopter pilot for Rico and the Army of Chaos
Machine gunner
Last known status Alive

Thomas "Tom" Sheldon is a character in the Just Cause game series.

Personal life

Tom Sheldon is a stereotypical Texan: he has a passion for barbecues; hickory chips; shotguns and all things American. In one cutscene he makes Rico a margarita and is often seen with his characteristic RV, the Pocumtuck Nomad. He was born on the 4th of July in 1949, in Abilene, Texas, USA. He is mentioned once by Rico to have a fondness for word games. He hates commies (communists), but he calls Looch (in his own words a former commie) his friend.

He is Rico Rodriguez's friend, mentor and former commanding officer.

It was revealed in the Eden Callaghan tapes added in the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC that his full name is Thomas Sheldon. Previously he was always known as Tom Sheldon.

At some point in his life before San Esperito, he was trained to fly helicopters and planes, as he is seen operating both during the Just Cause Game Series.

On October 13th, 2020, it was revealed by official JC social media pages that his height is 5 feet 10 inches (177.8 cm).


Quote from the PDA in Just Cause 2:

"Tom Sheldon is a longtime Agency operative, who first came into Agency employ in the sixties.
Sheldon was active during the various Agency black ops of the Vietnam war (including ops in Laos and Cambodia).
Sheldon was active in the South American Theatre during the eighties and also played an important role in the operations that led to the election of the framed 'Papa Panay' of Panau. Sheldon and his protégé Rico Rodriguez played a vital role in overthrowing President Salvador Mendoza of San Espirito a few years back. Sheldon has since been working the South Pacific Theatre.
Sheldon was recently on an assignment in Panau, when he was reported missing. Some sources within the Agency claim that he has gone rogue."

On October 13th, 2020, it was revealed by official JC social media pages that "As a youth, Sheldon chose military service to avoid a jail term. He later became an Agency operative and was posted in Medici, where he helped brutal dictator Sebastiano Di Ravello to overthrow the ruling regime." The same trivia reveal video includes a few more minor facts, but the rest we already know from the games (see below).

Joining the military to avoid jail time was something done very commonly in the United States between World War II and Vietnam.

Just Cause

Tom appears in every storyline mission in Just Cause. He is encountered either in person or in voice. In this game, he is 56 years old.

Just Cause 2

It would appear that Tom has "gone rogue" and it's up to Rico to find out what has happened.

During the events of the story, Rico discovers that Tom Sheldon is masquerading as a rebel leader known as the "White Tiger". Rico confronts Sheldon and discovers that he has gone undercover and ceased communication with the Agency, in order to evade government forces and that he is attempting to find out what "Baby" Panay is up to. Additionally, Tom Sheldon reveals that he has been helping Rico all along, as the "Sloth Demon" (Black Market dealer) - an anagram of "Tom Sheldon". His issues with the Agency resolved, Sheldon helps Rico throughout the rest of the story and continues to act as the Black Market supplier, but now under his real name. In this game, he is 61 years old.

Just Cause 3

Unlike Panau, Tom Sheldon is cautious over Rico dropping into Medici as the Agency had struck a Bavarium deal with General Di Ravello. As Rico discovers more of Di Ravello's tapes, it is revealed that Sheldon not only helped Di Ravello rise to power, he also adopted an orphaned Rico as an Agency recruit when Di Ravello needed to placate the Agency after keeping most of the Bavarium and its research for himself.

Sheldon eventually does agree to help the rebels, even supplying Mario Frigo and the rebellion with equipment like the CommLink, as long as the Agency could secure Bavarium technology. He draws suspicion as The Rebellion gains strength, causing Rico to accuse him of playing both sides. However, as a result of Rico's actions, Di Ravello dissolved his deal with the Agency, going so far as to burn Sheldon's hat before having him escorted out of the capital. To redeem himself, Sheldon helps Rico and Dimah disable and destroy a Bavarium bomb that Di Ravello had been planning to ship out. While Rico successfully disposes the bomb by sinking it, Tom Sheldon presumably flies the cargo plane out of Medici. In this game, he is 66 years old.

Just Cause 4

He sports a somewhat grey and rugged look in some pre-release promotional videos and screenshots. This is likely due to aging, being 69 years old by this time of this game.

As Tom explains in the mission Agency Distress Beacon, The Agency is aware of Project Illapa and Tom looked at some files about it out of curiosity. He was then put on "administrative leave" (which is another way of saying temporarily fired without pay). Assuming Rico went to Solís, he himself went there looking for Rico, but in the process, his helicopter (that he calls Annabelle) crashed into a jungle at Solís after passing over Zona Dos when the constant lightning storm around it "fried poor Annabelle". This probably means that Sheldon's helicopter failed after being zapped.

Rico still does not trust him very much after Medici (see section Just Cause 3) and even semi-jokingly points a weapon at him. Tom seems to ignore this.

Throughout the several Thunderbarge operations, Rico and Sheldon start rebuilding their friendship and trust.

During Operation Thunderbarge, at Zona Dos, if you pull Tom out of the gun turret using your grapple hook, then he will fall into the water. After that he will continually swim, as he is invincible. Once the mission is completed, Tom, who is still swimming in the water, will not despawn, meaning you now have Tom in free roam. Be warned if you leave Tom in any way (leaving the area, starting the mission, fast traveling, etc) he will despawn.

Strangely, the military body armor vest he wears in Operation Thunderbarge does not seem to help him take any less damage.

At the end of Operation Thunderbarge, he opens up an abandoned secret Agency outpost that contains surveillance footage of Project Illapa in its early stages. The video shows what became of Rico's father Miguel Rodriguez. The Agency knew that Miguel was being assassinated on orders from Oscar Espinosa. This angers Rico, and Tom excuses himself saying that he was still new to the Agency back then and didn't know the details, only having orders to specifically rescue Rico.

At the end of the game in Operation Illapa, it is revealed that the Agency was about to purchase the project for what Tom estimated as "trillions". In the end, Rico wants to take down the Agency next and Tom agrees to join this effort.

During the Danger Rising DLC, he accompanies Rico in taking out the Agency submarines near Solís.

Just Cause 5

Should Tom appear in future installments, it is highly likely he will only be in an assisting role, being at least 72 years old.

Weapons of choice


Just Cause 2

For most of his JC2 quotes, see Black Market.

In Mountain Rescue:

  • "That damn Swede! Got the spine of a jellyfish! Gone and put the finger on Tan. And she ain't just a pretty face Rico, she's got brains. Last contact we had she was close to learning about Panay's plans... and who's causing all this trouble. We need her back, fast!" - Telling Rico about how important Tan is.
  • "Remember, check your PDA if you don't know what to do." - After a brief conversation with Kane
  • "Okay, here we are. Now go cause as much damage as you possibly can and squeeze them out." - Upon Rico's arrival in Kastelo Singa military base.
  • "Yep, you've smashed it all up! Way to cause havoc amigo! Now go on! There's more stuff to destroy up ahead!" - 1 vent station destroyed.
  • "They've got mounted gunners Rico! Be careful!" - Upon reaching Vent Station #2 area.
  • "Yeee-ha! This area is a pile o' rubble! Now move on to the next one, hombre!" - 2 vent stations destroyed.
  • "Uh oh! Rocket Launcher guy in the base Rico!" - Upon reaching Vent Station #3 area.
  • "Okay, it's working! I've intercepted some radio bits and pieces here. They're fixin' to abandon base with Jade! Keep doing the destruction amigo and we'll get them yet!" - 3 vent stations destroyed
  • "Doors are open and the party's on, Rico. I want you inside the house by the edge of the cliff!" - Last vent station destroyed
  • "Sweet Mary Lou! That's a god damn atomic submarine! And those government thugs are shooting straight at you!" - U1 surfacing
  • "Okay, we're on our way to pick you both up. You just get your paws on Tan so we can sweep you up in one smooth go!" - While on the ice.
  • "Uh, hey buddy? Better gets your hands on Tan before they reach that damn submarine!" - While on the ice (quote might need confirmation).
  • "Hey! Unless you two are bullet-proof, I suggest a quick exit! ... Come on now!" - Rico picks up Jade and is about to board the Agency Quapaw
  • "Both share a taste in shiny suits and fat jewelry I bet?" - Talking about Alexander Mirkov and his affiliation with the Roaches on the barge
  • "Man, a gang of worst psychos I never knew." - After Jade finished his briefing on the international players.
  • "And you won't be using no hickory chips. Barbecued pig, anyone?" - At the end.

In Three Kings:

  • "Good going, amigo. Now, get your ass over here." - Zhang Sun to Alexander Mirkov.
  • "Your stop buddy, good luck! I've got your back, kemosabe! I'll be right behind you in the chopper..." - Right before engaging Mirkov in minigun duel.
  • "Here comes the cavalry!" - Engaging Mirkov.
  • "I got your six, buddy! Heads down!" - Engaging Mirkov.
  • "I got you buddy! TAKE THIS IVAN!" - Engaging Mirkov.
  • "Yeeee-haaaw! Here comes Freedom baby!" - Seconds before Mirkov is killed by his crash-landing chopper.
  • "Rico buddy, I'm as American as apple pie, And you know all, REAL Americans HATE commies..." - After being caught by Rico
  • "Our Japanese friend is still in his suite...preparing something nasty for us, no doubt. Get in there and take care of him!" - Instructing Rico to infiltrate the tower with Masayo Washio.

Just Cause 3

If the character talks much more in this game, there's no need to add a complete list of all speech lines. A limited number to convey personality and motivations is fine.

  • "You see, Sebastiano Di Ravello is sitting on a ton of Bavarium, which makes him The Agency's best goddamn friend."
  • "Lot's 'a chaos and destruction?"
  • "What're you planning to do, son?"
  • "Di Ravello knows where ya' are and he's sending a big ol' army to kill ya'."
  • "You got it, amigo - but don't do anything crazy! ...Aw hell, who'm I trying to fool?" - In Bavarium on a Plane.
  • "Bail, you winged bastard! Bail!"
  • "Hoo boy! Nice work. Catch you later, Rico! And thanks for flying' Air Sheldon, he-he!" - At the end of the mission Bavarium on a Plane. This is also the last time you will hear him in this game unless you get DLC.



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