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This article is about the towns in Just Cause 3.
Citate Di Ravello building with opera music

The screenshot is from the Citate Di Ravello old town, but buildings like this are present at most towns.


Numerous towns can be found all across Medici and can be Liberated by destroying all the Medici Military assets and conquering the DRM forts in the towns. These forts are former stations of the Medici Police Department. Villages typically have a small amount of destructibles and lack a police station, but still a moderately large military and DRM contingent.




Burnt towns at Insula StriateEdit

Main article: The burning of the north.
Medici mountain and old town

A burned town in the north.

Insula Striate has a lot of ruins of burned towns.

This was likely because of a mandate by the Di Ravello regime to remove the population from the north for military development, though it is never fully explained in the game. Just small hints are revealed at varying times.

Most towns have soldiers patrolling in them. Very few of them have a few Civilians. There's also wrecks of crashed CS Navajo attack helicopters and CS Odjur armored vehicles, indicating that there was strong resistance.

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