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Common descriptionEdit

An electrical transformer is a thing that contains at least two coils of wire, withe purpose of which is to change the voltage. These are necessary parts of any large power grid. More details at wikipedia.

Power GridEdit

JC4 power grid (2 at Ojo de la Jungla)

Two "power grids" at Ojo de la Jungla.

The so called "power grid" (major mis-use of the term) is a large chaos object. It seems to be a large transformer with large power lines coming off to one side. These power lines are a part of the object and terminate at a frame where the power goes into underground cables. The main unit has 24 functioning cooling fans on it.

They are located at multiple larger bases:

Small cylindrical ones in the countrysideEdit

Puesto Guardia Huchuykilla (small transformer and vertical fuel tank)

Small transformer and vertical fuel tank at Puesto Guardia Huchuykilla.

Some power pylons in the countryside have small ones mounted to them. These are not counted as separate chaos objects.

This type of small transformers are used in few countries. They are used when there's a (for example) 10000V power line going through a settlement and every household has a separate transformer. Most countries have a different system where a whole village (or equivalent number of houses at a larger settlement) are sharing a single up to car-size transformer from a substation like the one in the section below.

Small angular ones in the countrysideEdit

JC4 small angular 3 phase transformer

Small angular transformer.

These are the same as the cylindrical ones from above, only differing in shape.

Medium size "transformer"Edit

This type are simply called "Transformer". It's a big brick-shaped box with 2 grey half-barrel shaped objects on its roof and a pipe on one side.

There are doors at either end which can be ripped off with the grappler. This exposes 2 vibrating actual transformers at one end and 2 control panels at the other end. This means that the entire object is actually a small substation.

It's perfectly realistic for transformers to vibrate, but in reality the vibration is at either 50, or 60 Hz (depending on what the power grid has) and the vibration is invisible. This vibration is why real substations produce their distinctive "transformer noise".

These can be found at all larger and many smaller bases.

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