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Triton Broadsider
Triton Broadsider
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Military ship
Weapons Several. See the section below.
Rarity Rare, but not too rare.
List of owners San Esperito Military

The Triton Broadsider is a boat in Just Cause (1).


It's one of the largest ships in the San Esperito Navy, being second only to Mendoza's destroyer, though an alternate ending of Taking Out The Garbage shows a large submarine.

There's a small radar antenna above the captains room. It has a crew of three. One stands at the front of the ship to man the Mounted Gun; the other two are in the captain's room. You'll have to kill them the old-fashioned way to gain control of the ship. Be sure to kill the guy on the front of the ship, otherwise the turret will lock onto him and destroy the ship.

It's made by the fictional Triton company.



Only the Xbox and PS2 versions can be driven. It's perhaps the slowest vehicle in the game, but it's turning is decent, and it has powerful weaponry.

In the PC version, this boat is a stationary vehicle, meaning that it can't be driven, but it can be pushed by other boats. Entering the bridge enables control of the front mounted cannon turret, but it can not be driven.



  • Its name is very likely a double or triple meaning. "Broadsider", may be a reference to a "broadside". A side of a ship, or a situation where a military ship deploys all (or most) of the weapons on one of its sides simultaneously (or near simultaneously) to do more damage, faster. Then there is the fact that the side of the Broadsider is very long (or in this context, broad), compared with other vessels in the game, and the ratio of length between its broad side and narrow beam (distance from port to stern) is high.
  • Part of its name, "Triton", is probably referencing a mythological Greek God called Triton (link to Wikipedia).
  • The Winstons Amen 69 from Just Cause 2 can be seen as the successor to this boat. That boat is smaller, but better armed and controllable for the player.
  • The rear deck of the ship is large enough to land some helicopters on, such as the HH-22 Savior or the Delta 5H4 Boxhead.
  • When sailing it, Rico or a San Esperito Military captain sits on an invisible chair.
  • The San Esperito Military decal on the starboard side is inverted.
  • It can rarely spawn on land in Esperito City.