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Tuk-Tuk Rickshaw
Tuk-Tuk Rickshaw
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Auto rickshaw
Weapons None
Rarity Extremely common
List of owners Civilians
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 20
Acceleration 25
Armour 20
Handling 35

The Tuk-Tuk Rickshaw is a small Indian-style tuk-tuk taxi in Just Cause 2.


The Rickshaw is one of three tuk-tuks in Panau, the others being the Tuk Tuk Laa and Tuk Tuk Boom Boom. The tuk-tuks are some of the most common vehicles in Panau. It has the same taxi light on the roof as the Sakura Aquila Forte.

The difference from the Laa verson is the older style front. It's usually in a blue and yellow colour and has a Mile High Club advertisement on the back and Christmas lights on the roof.

It can also be seen in turquoise and blue and pink and blue.

The rear seats can be used by NPCs, but they can't be used by the player in the game.

It's made by the fictional company Tuk-Tuk.
Tuk-Tuk Laa and Rickshaw

Tuk-Tuk Laa (left) and Rickshaw (right).


It's slow and weak, with little armor.


It's a very common sight in Panau, appearing in traffic nearly all over Panau.
Tuk-Tuk Rickshaw Chameleon Ice

One of the advertisements on the back. For an ice cream called "Chameleon Ice".


  • Despite it being a taxi / rickshaw, it never has any people in the back.
  • It has the engine from a moped.
  • This particular version of the Tuk Tuk platform is used as the base model for the Tuk Tuk Boom Boom.
  • It's among the slowest vehicle in the game.
  • Extremely rarely, three Panauan soldiers (one driver, two passengers in the back) will get into a Tuk Tuk Rickshaw while chasing Rico, if it is the only vehicle around. This is the only time you can ever see the back seats being used but, as said before, this sight is extremely rare. 
  • It's small enough to be used as a makeshift wrecking ball, when lifted by a helicopter.
  • It's among the worst getaway vehicles, unless used in places like the narrow alleys of Panau City, where another Tuk-tuk is used in a Race.
  • In some countries in latin america this kind of vehicle is called "Piaggio" independent vehicle manufacturer, like Colombia.


Tuk Tuk vs Water Tower

Tuk Tuk vs Water Tower

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