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This article is about the system of tunnels in eastern Insula Striate in Just Cause 3.
Eastern Insula Striate tunnel


The system of tunnels is entirely within the Costa Sud province. One tunnel entrance is just north of the snowman easter egg.

The Minnow Fishing Boat is one option for faster tunnel exploration, but it might get stuck in some places. The nitros Gear Mod minimizes that risk, but a smaller vehicle, like the Stria PW 220 R-GT, would probably work better.

The height and width of the tunnels varies in different places with some being so tight that it's impossible to get through with out damaging the boat. The average diameter is about 10 meters. The tunnels are about 80 to 100% full of water. At the bottom of the tunnel is sand and seaweed.

Notable AreasEdit

The only part of the tunnel with no breathing points is at the bottom right. The entrances to this tunnels are below the water and are not noticeable unless you swim beneath the water level. The tunnels are hard to swim through without drowning. If you survive the journey through, you will end up back at the main tunnel slightly further up.

There is also a spherical cave which can be accessed by swimming through a crack in the wall. It would be a good place to hide something, but there's nothing in there.

The southern end of the tunnel is near the snowman easter egg and the northern end is next to the Unnamed mountain at N 40 46.400 E 5 46.700.


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