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This article is about the types of settlements in Medici in Just Cause 3.
Fortalessa small

Fortalessa, a town.


There are several types of locations throughout Medici, including military bases, Churches, villages, towns, and there are even three rebel bases in each of the regions.

Military bases and outpostsEdit

JC3 guard tower

Vigilator Nord.

Main article: Military bases in Medici.

See the article for their respective locations, but some rather big ones include:

Bavarium minesEdit

Main article: Military bases in Medici.

There are several mines across Insula Striate which provide Bavarium for the Medician war machine. For some reason they're all counted as military bases.

Offshore rigsEdit

Main article: Offshore rigs in Medici.

They're all identical, and used for extracting oil from underground reservoirs from under the sea. They are all counted as military outposts.

Rebel basesEdit

There are 3 rebel bases scattered in every region. This bases are the only locations controled by allies at the start of the game:

The rebels also control the Unnamed outpost at N 40 47.840 E 5 46.790. There are several such small positions, controlled by the rebels and by the Medici Military.


Main article: Towns in Medici.
Cirilla (view from south)


Towns are spread out all over Medici. There are even destroyed ones up north. These always have a police station taken over by the D.R.M. who use them as their bases along with some military assets.


Main article: Towns in Medici.

There are several villages throughout Insula Dracon. These typically have a small amount of destructibles and lack a police station, but still a moderately large Medici Military or D.R.M. contingent:



Sancte Galile.

Main article: Churches in Medici.

They offer a safe haven for Rico, clearing heat and advancing time a couple hours. They are unlocked by completing Random Encounters. Many towns also have ruins of renaissance era churches.

Unnamed and unmarked locationsEdit

Main article: Category:Unmarked locations in Medici.

These are tiny positions and outposts that normally only have a few soldiers, a vehicle and a table/chairs.

There's also several industrial locations north of the Insula Striate wall. The only one that seems to not be abandoned is Unnamed industrial facility at N 40 46.590 E 5 37.400, just south of the wall.


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