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U-39 Plechovka
Jc3 U-39 Plechovka
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Assault rifle
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 395
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 35
List of owners The Rebellion
Medici Military
Black Hand
Former Prisoners of Lacrima
Rico Rodriguez (if he wants to)

The U-39 Plechovka is an assault rifle in Just Cause 3.


It resembles the IMI Galil, but with a straight magazine. It has the same 35 round ammunition capacity as the real life Galil.

The Rebel drop description says: "The Plechovka burst rifle was developed with a straight stock and an over-barrel gas operation for enhanced precision and combat high recoil rates."


The U-39 is the basic assault rifle of the game. It features a 35 round magazine, acceptable accuracy, a moderate rate of fire, but poor damage. It is a fully automatic weapon, contrary to the rebel drop description.


  • Rico's initial assault rifle in Welcome Home is one of these. Whether the player wants another weapon later is up to them.
    • His other starting weapons are the U-55S Pozhar and UVK-13, all made by Urga.
    • He is also seen with one in some loading screens, and also some cut scenes.
  • Wielded by The Rebellion, Medici Military, and less commonly the D.R.M..
    • Wielded by the majority of Rebellion members as their standard weapon.
    • Wielded by Medici Military grunts as their standard weapon.
    • On rare occasions, Black Hand at Di Ravello's mansion can wield this weapon as well.
    • A female soldier at Vigilator Sud can be found wielding this weapon. However, this is very rare to see.
    • A few commandos at Porto Darsena can also be found wielding this weapon. Those particular ones can be found around the Sphere Tank. Again, this is very rare to come upon.
    • In Welcome Home, the D.R.M. grunts and elite attacking Mario also use this weapon.
    • There is a machine gunner with this weapon in Citate Di Ravello. He is at the billboard between the gas station (the one in the skyscrapers) and the docks.
    • There are two D.R.M. members armed with U-39 Plechovkas near the two Sphere Tanks in the docks at Citate Di Ravello. The two D.R.M. members can be either two grunts, two elites, two captains, a grunt and a captain, a grunt and a elite, or an elite with an captain.
  • Wielded by Black Hand and Former Prisoners of Lacrima in the Mech Land Assault DLC.
    • Wielded by the majority of former prisoners as their standard weapon.
    • Some (but not a lot) Black Hand Aegis operatives wield this weapon.


  • It's built by the fictional company UP.
  • Plechovka (read "plekhovka") means "can" (as in "tin can") in Czech. In Russian this means something you carry on your shoulder - "Plechi" in Russian means "shoulder," so plechovka is something you carry on your shoulder.
  • It says URGA UP-39 on the side.


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