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UH-10 Chippewa
UH-10 Chippewa
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type 4-seat attack / Scout helicopter
Weapons Basic: Dual miniguns
High-heat variant: + Dual rocket pods
Rarity Spawn rare, but very common during high Heat levels
List of owners Panau Military
Panau Secret Service
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 50
Acceleration 50
Armour 60
Handling 55

The UH-10 Chippewa is a light attack helicopter in Just Cause 2.


The helicopter serves as the most frequently used type of air support for the Panau Military.

It is armed with twin miniguns but from heat level 3 to 5 there is a chance it will also have 2 rocket pods attached. The rocket version is by far the best attack helicopter for leveling military assets and it's advisable to keep one. In terms of dog fighting however, it is only surpassed by a fully upgraded Sivirkin 15 Havoc.

The design is a cross between a Eurocopter EC135 and Mil Mi-24, with maybe a little AH-6, but its name accords to the US armed forces tri-service designation system. The helicopter has the Eurocopter nose design and the Mil's above-cockpit air intakes, weapons pylons, as well as the rear body and tail. It's about the size of the Eurocopter.

The UH-10 is likely made by the Mullen helicopter company as it shares its forward fuselage with the Mullen Skeeter Eagle and the Mullen Skeeter Hawk, two other models produced by Mullen in Just Cause 2.

The name might be a mix between the American utility helicopters Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk and Bell UH-1 Iroquois.

It can spawn in jungle, snow and desert camouflage. In Into the Den, the Panau Secret Service version spawns in black.


This helicopter certainly has a few good reasons for its use as the preferred air-support vehicle by Panau's finest. It has possibly the best turning circle and maneuverability of all the default attack helicopters. It can change direction and ascend and descend faster than the other standard attack helicopters.

Their pilots seem to be trained in dog fighting as well and will engage Rico's helicopter with rather dead on accuracy, and will put the target helicopter out of commission quickly if you don't do some evasive flying. Some tactics to take them out include circle strafing them, which they will also do to you as well. Doing this will cause the crosshair for your mounted guns to be off center, so don't rely on them. After a bit of circling, they will sometimes drop down, for an unknown reason so take this opportunity to hunt them down. They will also cease firing their guns for a little while as well, so stop strafing for a bit and try to kill the pilot. Another tactic is to ascend quickly and backup ever so slightly, letting them follow you. Their guns cannot aim upwards beyond a certain elevation, but your guns can aim downwards at them. This leaves them defenseless as they futilely try to to get up your level while you rain bullets on them. This tactic works doubly well with the Havoc, as the gun can aim downwards at an almost 90 degree angle since it's chin mounted and not on hard points. Bear in mind that the former tactic is best for 1 on 1 dog fighting, while the latter is better for multiple helicopters. When you have rockets, always remember to lead your shots if you're strafing them.

Unlike the Sivirkin 15 Havoc, its seats are configured to be side-by-side so that an escort can sit next to the pilot and shoot at whoever dares cling to the front of the chopper. The extra seating can be useful in certain missions that require transporting an ally. The only slight disadvantage is that its speed is 5 points below the slowest traditional attack helicopter, the AH-33 Topachula, but even that will not matter much to the military, it seems; this is probably because they are more practical and easier to produce. There's also not much use for a fully equipped attack helicopter on a tropical island anyway.

When taking on an enemy base with this helicopter, it is advised that you first scout the base out for any on SAM sites before doing so, as the Chippewa is not as sturdy as the Havoc or Topachula and will be set aflame quickly if hit by a SAM missile or two. The maneuverability of the Chippewa can be used to swiftly evade the missiles.

Due to the buggy AI, the chopper's pilots may randomly crash into, well, anything, blowing up the vehicle and saving one's troubles.


The UH-10 Chippewa is armed with two miniguns one on either side. After reaching a high enough heat level, they can spawn with rocket pods as well, and function like the AH-33 Topachula. The miniguns can tear up the Gunung Gila Pangkat facility's destructible objects quite easily. At high heat levels that involve a Chippewa chasing after Rico, if Rico is in an armed vehicle that is quite resistant to the Chippewa's weaponry, Rico can effortlessly shoot it out of the sky.

Ground enemies are no match for a Chippewa, as the miniguns can destroy any vehicle and mow down any infantry. Even if they do pose a match, rockets will teach them a lesson.

There is a 33% chance for a Chippewa to spawn with rocket pods at heat level 3, 66% chance at heat level 4, and finally at heat level 5, every Chippewa sent after Rico will have rocket pods. However, there is still a small chance one could run into a rocket-armed Chippewa at heat level 1. This only happens at communications outposts that have a minigun and call for backup.

See also: Vehicle mounted weapons.


  • The Panau Military send these during heat levels 3 through 5, or 1 through 5 if you're in a helicopter/airplane.
    • First without rockets.
    • Levels 3, 4, and 5 will bring the one that has rockets.
    • The glitched ones with no rotors and/or no weapons (see below in the "glitches" section) can appear at any level of heat, though they appear most commonly when communications outposts call for backup.
  • 1 at Gunung Gila Pangkat facility after the Reapers mission Rocket Science. It is in winter camouflage. Not used by the Reapers.
  • 2 at Cape Carnival. They can be found on the landing pads at the command center.
  • 2 (normally 1) at Gunung Tasik facility. One appears during the mission there.
  • 1 near Kota Buluh, on a landing pad on the other side of the small island. Specifically X:24985 Y:3220.
  • 1 at Panau International Airport in one of the hangars, next to an Aeroliner 474.
  • 1 at Pelantar Minyak Gerudi Besar. It is uniquely the only offshore rig that has it.
  • 2 at Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi. They do not spawn during the mission.
  • Sometimes at PAN MILSAT. 1 featured during Taking Care of the Dishes.
  • It's featured in every Agency mission.
    • In Welcome to Panau, one will spawn and attack Rico, which must be taken down with the nearby Flak Cannon.
    • In Casino Bust, there is one. If it is hijacked, a second one will spawn. If not, there will be no more choppers.
    • In The White Tiger, one shows up after you pick up the data device dropped by a dead Colonel.
      • Rico will comment it being his ride to the next objective.
    • In Mountain Rescue, there isn't one scripted into the mission itself, but if one goes to the top of the tower with the SAM site, one might appear to attack you.
    • In Three Kings, one is piloted by Tom Sheldon. This is the only time it is not flown by a Panau Military NPC. Sheldon later crashes it but survives.
    • In Into the Den, a unique black one appears near the end of the mission. This is the only time the back seats of the Chippewa helicopters are used in the game. The soldiers in the back seats are wearing black uniforms and are widely assumed to be members of the Panau Secret Service.
    • In A Just Cause, three black ones come from the U1.
  • Several spawn on rooftops in the Ular Boys side-mission Above the Law that do not normally spawn there.


Main article: Just Cause 2 Vehicle glitches.

The first two glitches can appear on the same helicopter:

  •  All Platforms   It can spawn with invisible rotors, though this does not affect the chopper in any other way. The video at the bottom of this page demonstrates this glitch.
  •  All Platforms   The other rarer one is unarmed. This is seen during heat, but is obviously harmless.
  • It has been reported that the weapons can be invisible.
  •  PC   Rarely, one might appear at heat level 1 with Rico not in a helicopter.


  • A part of its name, "Chippewa", might be a reference to the real-world Native American tribe that now resides around Lake Superior (one of the Great Lakes), although they are more commonly known as the Ojibwe.
  • Something unique about this helicopter is that every place where it spawns features a mission (with the exception of Kota Buluh), with one Agency and Stronghold takeover, but mainly sidemissions.
  • It is the only helicopter starting with the letter "U".
  • Several of the Bell UH-1s were outfitted for ground attack roles during the Vietnam War. These were equipped with two M134 7.62mm miniguns and 7 round rocket pods (also one on each side). Some were mounted twin M60s as door guns (as can be seen on the Agency transport helicopter during the first mission).
  • AI-controlled Chippewas have a much wider field of vertical fire than the player does.
  • The only known green-marked version of this vehicle is during Three Kings.
  • This helicopter succeeds the Delta 5H4 Boxhead from Just Cause (1), while the successors to this vehicle include the Urga Postolka from Just Cause 3 and Firebrand Scout Chopper from Just Cause 4.


Glitched ChippewasEdit


Just Cause 2 Glitch - No Rotors on UH-10 Chippewa

Just Cause 2 Glitch - No Rotors on UH-10 Chippewa

UH-10 No-Rotor Glitch

Just Cause 2 Helicopter

Just Cause 2 Helicopter

UH-10 Chippewa vs military UH-10 Chippewa (Panau City Residential District)

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