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Jc3 upm61
Type Semi-auto rifle
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 385
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 25
List of owners D.R.M. (never seen used)
Medici Military (rarely seen used)
The Rebellion (never seen used)

The UPM61 is an assault rifle in Just Cause 3.


It has a bullpup design, meaning that the magazine goes near the rear of the weapon. This design allows a weapon to be slightly shorter, but reloading is less convenient. The carrying handle looks similar to that of a FAMAS F1 and the pistol grip/trigger assembly and receiver/stock resemble that of the OTs-14 Groza.

The Rebel drop description is "Following the success of the Plechovka, URGA developed a semi-auto rifle for accuracy and power in mid-range firefights. The result is the UPM61."

Some items had a different description before the game launch. This one had: "For the burst fire lovers out there, URGA delivers with this highly accurate bullpup. You can shoot the hat right off someone's head with this thing!" This is the current description for the CS27 Misfortune, although with the manufacturer and weapon name changed. It seems the weapons were swapped, as the Misfortune's beta description is now the current description for the UPM61. It is also possible this was just an accident.


The UPM61 is a single shot assault rifle. It fires only one bullet when you press the fire button, which makes it more accurate than other weapons since you have less recoil. However, its low rate of fire is a handicap in intense firefights. It is best used as a substitute sniper rifle, engaging enemies at range, to take advantage of the superior damage and accuracy.




  • Judging by the name, the weapon is from 1961.
  • It's built by the fictional company Urga (in this case, Urga designated as "UP").
  • Before game launch, this weapon was known as "UP-61". See also Cut game content from Just Cause 3.
  • The pre-launch description of this weapon now describes the CS27 Misfortune in game, and the UPM61's current description was given to the CS27 before launch.
  • It's confirmed to be made by Urga from concept art.
  • It says "URGA UPM-61" on the side.
    • This could've originally said "UP-61", which would explain the dash. It's unknown why the dash is still there after the name was changed to "UPM61".

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