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Jc3 UVK-13
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Rocket launcher
Usage Special
Maximum ammunition carried 5 (10 with the 2x Special Weapon Ammo Mod).
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
List of owners Rico (through rebel drop
The Rebellion
Medici Military
D.R.M. (only seen used in one place)
Black Hand (Mech Land Assault DLC only)

The UVK-13 is a rocket launcher in Just Cause 3.


It closely resembles the Soviet RPG-7, but bigger. It also has grips installed the opposite way.

The Rebel drop description says "The reloadable UVK-13 rocket launcher isn't just an anti-tank weapon; it's an anti-everything weapon!"


It has a high projectile velocity, making it a good choice for taking out aircraft and moving targets.


  • At weapons cabinets at several bases and settlements.
  • Rico starts with it during Welcome Home, but it is lost after the plane evades missiles. It can be found again in the cave under the shelters. If it is not picked up, Rico will finish Welcome Home without a special weapon.
    • This version will have infinite ammunition until Rico falls off the plane. Once the player picks it up again, it will have the normal amount of ammunition.
  • On Medician rocket soldiers.
  • On Black Hand rocket troops.
  • If you are lucky, you might run into some D.R.M. elites in the Burgoletto police station wielding this weapon.
  • In use with some Rebellion soldiers. Note that these cannot be seen in normal gameplay.


  • In the earliest trailers and promotional materials, the rocket appeared to be more brown.
  • It was once known as "UVK 13" (without the dash). That name can now be considered Cut game content from Just Cause 3.
  • There are instructions on how to operate the weapon inscribed on the wood barrel.


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