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Ular Boys
Their symbol.
Faction in Just Cause 2
Goal, or purpose To take control of Panau and deport all foreigners
Ideology Nationalism
Leader Sri Irawan
Starting base, or HQ Ular Boys HQ
Source of money Unknown, possibly donations as well as theft

The Ular Boys are one of the three illegal paramilitary factions in Just Cause 2.


Ular means "Snake" in Malay and Indonesian, effectively translating "Ular Boys" into "Snake Boys".

This group is the military wing (section) of the Ular Tribe.

This group is led by Sri Irawan and want Panau to become more of an isolated nation, without the pressures of foreign interests and influences (which is similar to what Rico suggests to his allies at the end of the game). Their headquarters is an old temple, which has been modified to include a dock and several other items. Although their headquarters is on a small island, the faction is still viewed as a "jungle tribe".

Karl Blaine describes them as "a crazy jungle mob who wants to turn the island into a natural paradise, meaning no foreigners, no foreign goods and no foreign pop music." Ironically, they allow Rico to work for them because they need the help of a skilled mercenary and marksman. Both Karl Blaine and the radio broadcast after a stronghold takeover state that the Ular Boys cut down their enemies and traitors with mandaus.

They wear turbans with yellow hats and scarves.

The Ulars somehow managed to get their hands on a coastal artillery gun as well as a few mounted gun emplacements, which can be found at their island headquarters just up the coast from Bandar Baru Cina.

They are neutral to both the Reapers and the Roaches.


  • Ranger: The most common Ular, wears a grey shirt, green pants, a yellow scarf, and a cap and wields any one-handed weapon in Just Cause 2 except the Grenade Launcher.
  • Elite: A larger and chubbier soldier that wears a yellow hat and either a bandolier or a flak vest. Wields any two-handed weapon in Just Cause 2 except the Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher.
  • Technician: Can be seen in stronghold takeovers, wears a white lab coat and uses a pistol.
  • Sri Irawan: Leader

PDA entry

The Ular Boys stem from the indigenous Ular jungle tribes of Panau, and claim to be the rightful rulers of the island.

Under the charismatic leadership of Sri Irawan, the desperate tribal groups have in recent years come together to form one terrifying and volatile and even bloodthirsty force.

Also there have been reports of sect-like brainwashing and the distribution of powerful hallucinogenic drugs among the young Ulars. This was all to build a dangerously tight community of bloodthirsty and blindly loyal gangsters.

The accusations of power abuse and gangsterism thrown at the Ular Boys are always jostled by the cold, distant and highly educated Irawan. The accusers usually find themselves mysteriously killed, dismembered and their heads impaled on pikes at the roadside in the true ancient Ular tradition.


Main article: Faction vehicles.

All their vehicles are yellow.





One-handed weapon(s)

  • Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Submachine gun
  • Sawed-off shotgun 

Two-handed weapon(s)

  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Machine Gun

Mounted guns

  • Minigun
  • Mounted Gun

Allies and enemies

Areas of influence

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  • In the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod, a group created this faction, led by a guy named "Cross" and brought Ulars to the live community. They are available on Steam, JC2MP Forum and they also have a homepage.
  • On Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, on the "Real Life Server" (roleplay), the Ular Boys are one of five factions that are freely open to join. They have a homepage and their group is also on the server's website.
  • According to Tom Sheldon in cut audio, the Panauan Government took some kind of skulls from the Ular Boys in the 1960s.
  • For native English speakers, the correct pronunciation for "Ular Boys" would be "Ooh-lar boys", as compared to the commonly mistaken "you-lar boys". Sri Irawan, out of all people, is guilty of making this mistake multiple times. In fact, it is reasonable to assume that most languages would pronounce the u as just "u" and not as "you".