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Unnamed colonel mansion at X:10800; Y:25100
Unnamed colonel mansion at X-10800; Y-25100
Settlement in Panau
Type Mansion, unmarked settlement
Geographical Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Influential Territory Ramai Rakyat Islands
Coordinates X:10800; Y:25100
Missions that take place here An Officer and a Hitman

This article is about an unmarked settlement (and notable building) in Just Cause 2.


This location is the living place of an unnamed Colonel. The mansion can be reached by a small dirt road leading from Kampung Bunga Raya to the south, which ends at the courtyard of the mansion. The mansion is big enough to be visible on the Map, if you look closely.
An officer and a hitman


The courtyard consists of two old buildings, looking similar to chapels on each side of the mansion entrance and at the outside of these buildings are also one ancient stone column each. These are most likely remains from one of these ancient Ular Tribe temples, which can be found all over Panau. The structures and the mansion itself evidence that the area could have served as some kind of sacred place before.

The mansion itselfEdit

The mansion itself is divided into three parts - the center part, the east wing, and the west wing. The wings are designed identical to each other. These sections are pretty and new, with their modern glass windows and their fresh brick walls. The center part is most likely a part of an ancient temple and has got gold decorations and carvings on the walls. All small buildings in the area have stone "cupolas" on the roofs, while the only such decoration found on the mansion itself is a small square-shaped decoration on the roof at the middle section. There's one door to the mansion at the courtyard, while there are three on the backyard. The middle one is the grand door.


The backyard is pretty large. There are four small stone buildings here, similar to small chapels, placed symmetrically, with two on each side of the center backyard; the two that are furthest from the mansion have one Medicine cabinet each. There are four stone columns placed in a square inside of the outer buildings, there will be SAMs placed here during the featured mission.


During the featured mission "An Officer and a Hitman", Rico has been ordered to kill the colonel who lived here by Razak Razman, as the colonel killed a captain in the Roaches. Four SAMs are placed on the stone columns in the backyard (which do not count to any form of completion), which are destroyed by Rico in an attempt to lure the colonel out. He eventually comes out at the grand stairway at the backyard, armed with a Rocket Launcher and Rico then kills him.

Significant plot details end here.


  • Garret Traver-Z - At the courtyard during the featured mission. It is in a unique tan paint scheme.

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