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This article is about a lake in Just Cause 2.

Unnamed lake at X-26800 Y-19150.jpg


This is a small circular lake, being about 250 meters across. The estimated depth at the deepest is 2-3 meters.


The lake is located in a remote area of East Tanah Raya in Panau near an intersection with a small Market. It is located east of Kampung Sawah Hijau, down the road leading north-east. It is located south-west of Gunung Pawang Tua military base, as well.

Unless if Rico don't feel taking a long road trip, he can always extract to Gunung Pawang Tua, or Lembah Delima and fly to the lake.

There are skulls on the east and north hills. A propaganda trailer and armor part can be found at the intersection. No vehicles spawn near the area, but the Panauan Military is present.

The Unnamed settlement at X:25500; Y:19100 can also be found on the same road. Follow the road a couple hundred meters and take a left when you see a dirt road going into the forest. Another way to reach the location is to collect the skull on the mountain and cross it to the other side.


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