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Unnamed military base at X:30500; Y:14730
Unnamed MP Base Houses X30500 Y14730.jpg
Settlement in Panau
Type Military facility
Territory East Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:30500; Y:14730
Missions that take place here None

The Unnamed military base at X:30500; Y:14730 is an unmarked location in Just Cause 2.


It has a few civilian huts, possibly for the pipeline workers. This place has no vehicles.

There is a weak military presence here.


It seems to be used to store minor amounts of oil. The vicinity to Cape Carnival might also mean that this place stores rocket fuel. Rocket fuel is dangerous, so it would make sense to store most of it away from the launch base.


About 720 meters south of Cape Carnival in East Tanah Raya.


As an unmarked location, it can't be completed, but there are several items that increase game completion.


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