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Unnamed port at N 40 52.250 E 5 35.700
Unnamed port at N 40 52.250 E 5 35.700
Settlement in Medici
Type Cargo port
Region Insula Lacrima
Coordinates N 40 52.250 E 5 35.700
Missions that take place here Storming the Hive (briefly)

This article is about an unnamed and unmarked location in Just Cause 3. This location is a part of the Mech Land Assault DLC.


The most prominent features are two long piers that have high platforms on their ends, 3 large white cisterns, two open-ended hangars, a single concrete Guard tower and a large concrete structure that extends out of the nearest hill.

The port has a lot of random items placed randomly around it: Shipping containers, Small Destructibles, boxes, garbage, 2 Vehicle trailers, pipes, concrete road barriers and more.

The port is always abandoned. It seems to have been used by the Black Hand, because the guard post has their logos and there's a few of their shipping containers here that have "Global exchange project" written on them.


It's a relatively large port for how hidden it is between the islands. Ships that are large enough to need piers this high would have great difficulty passing through the legs of the nearby bridges.

The port is strangely left outside of any province. If the player should go there, the top left corner of the screen will display the name of the last province the player was inside of, so the port may seem to be inside some nearest province. The port is at N 40 52.250 E 5 35.700. The road passes Nebio Sud Detention Camp on its way here.

For the purposes of the below navigation box, this port is counted as being in the Novola province, which makes the most sense on the Map.



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