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Unnamed settlement at X:23300; Y:19100
Unnamed settlement X23300 Y19000 top half.jpg
Settlement in Panau
Type Unmarked settlement, village
Geographical Territory East Tanah Raya
Influential Territory Ular Boys
Coordinates X:23300; Y:19100
Missions that take place here None

This article is about an unnamed settlement in Just Cause 2.


This village has a very low population ranging between 1 and 15 civilians. The settlement consists of several slightly raised huts with agricultural fields. There is an armor part and cash kit on the top half for Rico to collect. It is unreachable from the street, so Rico will have to grapple or fly his way up. There is also a very small village on the bottom half of the mountain with one vehicle and one weapon resource kit.

Understandably, no vehicles will spawn here, unless if you call in your own via the Black Market. There are no roads in this area and none that lead to it. Both villages are way too small for motorized vehicles, maybe with the exception of an Makoto MZ 250 or smaller Shimuzu Freerunner.

Accessing this location

To arrive at this location, it would be easiest to call in the Black Market and extract to Tanah Raya Timur Eta. From there, free fall and parachute down the hill towards the empty green spot. Use your resource part indicator on your minimap if Rico hasn't collected them already. It's located near the M2 Highway.


For the top half has the following items:

  • 1 Cash Stash.
  • 1 Armor Part.

For the bottom half has:

  • 1 Weapon Part.
  • 1 Vehicle Part.