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Unnamed settlement at X:25500; Y:19100
Unnamed Settlement X25500 InfoPic for WIkia.jpg
Settlement in Panau
Type Unmarked settlement, village
Territory East Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:25500; Y:19100
Missions that take place here None

This article is about an unnamed and unmarked settlement in Just Cause 2.


The settlement actually consists of three small clusters of huts, located close to each other in a valley between Awan Cendawan Power Plant and Kampung Sawah Hijau. All separate settlements have their own small civilian water tower and in each, a Resource Item can be found.

One cluster of huts is located at the eastern end of the valley, around X:25600; Y:19020 on a small plateau. There are four thatched-roof huts, one of these being unusually small and on long stilts. It might serve as a storage hut as five Red Barrels, a drum and a box are stored close to it. Just north of it, down in the valley at X:25675; Y:18920, is the second settlement. It's quite similar in having five thatched-roof huts, one of them being a storage hut. The third cluster of huts can be found a little to the south-west, around X:25280; Y:19200, at the entrance to the valley, overlooking the Sawah river delta. There are six thatched-roof huts, two of these build in the same fashion of the potential storage huts. A stack of logs, also under a thatched roof can be found here.

There's no Panau Military presence in the valley, as well as no roads, making it a secluded and peaceful area. However, there seems to be a minimal presence of civilians here anyway.


In East Tanah Raya, on the eastern side of the Sawah river delta, in a small valley.

An easy way to get there is by going to Awan Cendawan Power Plant after conquering it for the Ulars and then head east and look around for small "patches" on the PDA Map.


As an unmarked location, this place can't actually be "completed" as such, but there are 3 Resource Items (one in each of the three settlements) that aid in the total completion of the game:

  • Cash Stash.
  • Vehicle Part.
  • Weapon Part.


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