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Urga Mstitel
Medici Military Urga Mstitel Shields Up
Notice that the rotor is not protected by the shield.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Attack helicopter
Weapons Quad-missiles and miniguns
Rarity Rare
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion (after Di Ravello's death)
Top speed (km/h) 356 (with nitrous)
Top speed (mph) 221.2 (with nitrous)

The Urga Mstitel is a helicopter in Just Cause 3.


It is a modern attack helicopter with a long tail and narrow front windows. It resembles the real life Kamov Ka-50, Ka-52 and Sikorsky S-97 Raider attack helicopters, but without the coaxial rotor, a different cockpit and a different tail rudder (lower side instead of upper side in the Ka-50). It also a bit resembles the EADS Sharc UAV, but Mstitiel is way bigger.

The helicopter appears in three different paint schemes: a brown Medici Military type, a blue Rebellion version, and a golden color. However, this golden version will still have the Medician flag on it.

The Rebel drop description for the unlockable rebel version states: "The intimidating URGA Mstitel is equipped with four precision rocket launchers and a heavy machine gun. Soldiers scatter when this monster arrives at a skirmish."

The Rebel drop description for the golden variant states: "Manufactured for Sebastiano Di Ravello's personal use, this fearsome chopper boasts four precision rocket launchers, a machine gun, and Bavarium shield technology."

The end of the tail has big vents on it, which in combination with the lack of a tail rotor, mean that this helicopter is of the NOTAR type.

Unlike the other Medici Military helicopters, this one only comes in the MAF07 numbering scheme. The same applies for the golden variant of this vehicle.


For a twin engine, 7-bladed rotor helicopter, it is very agile thanks to its narrow profile and good armor. The Bavarium shield does not reduce damage from ramming.

It's also well armed and it has a shield. The shield can be turned on for a few seconds at a time, and, due to the helicopter itself being weaker to damage, lasts considerably longer than the one on the Imperator Bavarium Tank. The Bavarium shield lasts exactly 15 seconds, and recharges in about 5.5 seconds. It has four missile batteries placed on both stub wings and two miniguns on either side of the helicopter, mounted on the fuselage instead of on the stub wings.

According to the HUD, the weapons are rockets and machine guns.

It can be a great alternative to the Urga U17 Akrobat in air races, however its steering is much too twitchy for most players, often resulting in over-corrections and catastrophic failures.

Its top speed is about 356 km/h, but this is using nitrous Gear Mods. Ascending, strafing right, looking down and to the left, all of these maneuvers combined results in speeds surpassing 500 km/h, though not in a practical setting.

Avoid using this helicopter to fly in tunnels, as this helicopter ascends really quickly. This helicopter seemingly has much more sensitive controls than other, more common helicopters in the game.


Medici MilitaryEdit

The RebellionEdit

There are no spawn points for this vehicle, but it is unlocked for rebel drop after completing the final mission: Son of Medici.

Golden variantEdit

Bugs and glitchesEdit

Main article: Just Cause 3 Bugs and glitches


As a result of a development error, the golden variant of this vehicle can be found patrolling Falco Maxime: Centcom instead of the usual military variant. The golden variant is not supposed to exist in the game unless you find all of the Di Ravello tapes or you do the last storyline mission or find the wreck near said base. See the third gallery below.

It has also been reported that the golden variant of this vehicle can also apparently spawn on the offshore rigs.


Occasionally upon exiting the vehicle, Rico will stand on the left "wing" of the helicopter, susceptible to getting hit by the rotor blades. This will usually not harm Rico too much.

 Xbox One  

There is an easy to trigger glitch where if you enter this vehicle with an Urga Vdova 89 out, then you will get the reticle for the gun, instead of the one for the vehicle. This glitch is annoying, because it is hard to aim, and the reticle is off center. Interestingly, it turns red with a cross in the middle, when you can hit something with you auto cannons or rockets, like it would work on the ground. It can be fixed by holstering the gun.

 Xbox One  

It has been reported that after collecting all 71 Di Ravello tapes, the golden variant of this vehicle does not unlock in Rebel drop when it should.

At this time, there is no known fix.


It is not known if this is caused by the game or by faulty installing or not, but the ones at off-shore rigs might not spawn.


  • It is made by the fictional company Urga.
  • It utilizes Urga Vulkans for machine guns. If one is to look at the top of one of the guns, it reads "U.R.G.A VULKAN - CAL 7.62".
    • Despite the name, each machine gun has 3 barrels, and fire the same rounds as the Carmen Albatross.
  • "Mstitel" (мститель) is Russian and Czech for "Avenger".
  • This helicopter was originally one of only two vehicles in the game with a Bavarium force field, the other being the Imperator Bavarium Tank. A third vehicle (with 3 variants), the Anvil omni directional industrial mech, was added by the Mech Land Assault DLC.
  • The Rebel drop also lists the "Golden Urga Mstitel". Both icons are the same, but the color is different.
  • Although unrelated, there is a 1959 Czechoslovakian film called Mstitel.
  • With a very unlikely design, it is the successor to the Delta MAH-15 Chimaera from Just Cause (1) and the AH-33 Topachula from Just Cause 2, as all of them are large and somewhat narrow plus non-conventional rotor layouts.
    • This helicopter lacks a rear rotor, but one can see vents on the tail rudder. It may be meant as a NOTAR design, which uses air ducts to direct air (and in some cases some, if not all engine exhaust) to the rear of the tail and then out sideways, to counteract the rotational force of the main rotor.
    • The helicopter was first seen in promotional images that lead some people to think that the tail rudder is damaged, while in the game, it's what the tail rudder normally looks like. Even the Bavarium shield outlines seen on the image (see below) make one think that the same tail was complete with upper and lower rudders on the tail boom. The shield shape was corrected before game launch. A part of the shield over the tail had an upper area that looked like it was meant to protect a non-existent upper rudder and the shield area that protects the rocket launchers was misplaced, leaving the inner sets with no shield at all.
  • The Rebellion version of this vehicle still has a red cockpit color like the military version, but in the Rebel drop system, the cockpit is yellow, oddly. See the "Miscellaneous" section of the gallery below. See also: Cut game content from Just Cause 3.
  • Even though the rotor blade tips on the Rebellion variant appear yellow when stationary, at speed the color changes to red.
  • This is the first and only helicopter with retractable landing gear in the series. The landing gear will retract while you are moving slowly above land. If you try to land quickly so the landing gear won't retract, it will cause the helicopter to explode.
  • This and the Golden Urga Mstitel are the only helicopters in JC3 with a shield. However, there are two other vehicles in JC3 with a shield.
  • The Urga Mstitel could have been inspired from the final boss "Warhawk" from the game "Twisted Metal Black". It is also equipped with red windows and a power shield.
  • The original design of the helicopter looked as if it had no shield, as it had a normal cockpit, and coaxial rotors. It was also painted grey without the "hex" texture on the exposed fuselage.
  • This is the fastest helicopter in JC3.
  • This is the only vehicle in Just Cause 3 that is unlocked after doing a mission. All other vehicles were either unlocked by bringing it to a garage or liberating military bases.
    • This is not the only thing unlocked by doing a mission though, as the three FOW weapons are also unlocked through doing missions.
  • As of some patch, the ones that spawn at Platteforma Litore Torto II (north-east corner of the map) and Platteforma Litore Torto I (east north-east area of the map) no longer spawn there on PC. The helicopter still gets replaced by a Rebellion Urga Hrom D once liberated.


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

Golden variantEdit


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