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Urga Postolka
Urga Postolka
In a promotional video.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Attack helicopter
Weapons Dual miniguns
Rarity Common
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) 160
Top speed (mph) ~99

Urga Postolka is an attack helicopter in Just Cause 3.


It's a relatively small 4-door helicopter. The Postolka mostly resembles the real life Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota , HAL Dhruv and MD Explorer, except without NOTAR. The front looks like something from the Bell Huey family. Despite much of it being based on newer European designs its utilitarian abundance of metal parts and exposed wiring give the appearance of a functional piece of military hardware instead of a turn-of-the-century European helicopter and its rough and all-metal bodywork may indicate it very much precedes its inspirations, at least by 2 decades.

The Rebel drop description is "This light assault helicopter is equally equipped to handle patrol detail, base sieges, or air-to-air firefights. It comes equipped with the Janus-45S minigun."


As a light patrol helicopter, the Postolka is an ideal vehicle for fast engagements and travelling through buildings, since it is smaller than most helicopters. The miniguns are excellent for taking out small groups of enemies or lightly armored vehicles such the Urga Ogar 7 V8s or Weimaraners. This can be useful when having trouble during basic tasks, such searching for collectibles or cruising around Medici. However the machine guns appear to be weaker than the Urga Vulkan, which is strange considering they are mounted and are not needed to manually be aimed.

The Postolka, however, is a bad choice for large engagements, as its armor cannot sustain a lot of damage, as a single round from a tank or a helicopter's rocket can damage it severely. The Capstone FH155s and the SAM turrets can also be destructive against aerial targets, so the Postolka will be likely taken down before doing something to these turrets (unless the SAM turret is hacked or you successfully avoid their missiles).

If you pilot a Postolka, it's preferable to stay along with your allies and defend them from any Medici Military soldiers, or keep your distance from armored vehicles (mainly tanks). Against a Postolka, using heavy weapons, the grappling hook or GE-64 can sort them out quickly, as they can be potentially dangerous for Rico if he is not dodging it or when inside a vehicle with enough protection.


Medici MilitaryEdit

The RebellionEdit

Black HandEdit

This variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault and Bavarium Sea Heist expansion packs.


  • This vehicle is the successor to the UH-10 Chippewa from Just Cause 2, as they are similar in appearance and armament. Likewise, the Firebrand Scout Chopper is the successor to this vehicle in Just Cause 4 by armament, but the design is completely different from previous games.
  • It's made by the Urga company.
  • "Poštolka" is Czech for "Kestrel".
  • There are rear doors that can be destroyed with a rocket impact.
  • There is a texture glitch on the Postolka's rotor head, where its metallic textures appear to be moving.


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

Black HandEdit

This variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault expansion pack and cannot be obtained in the base game.



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Just Cause 3 wingsuit race

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