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Urga U17 Akrobat
JC3 blue plane and explosion
Pre-release promotional picture.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Small civilian plane
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians
The Agency
Rosa Manuela
The Rebellion
Top speed (km/h) 274
Top speed (mph) ~170

The Urga U17 Akrobat is a passenger plane in Just Cause 3.


It's a small turboprop civilian passenger plane based on the Britten-Norman BN2A Islander. It has an engine sound incredibly similar to its real life counterpart too, almost sounding piston-engined.

It also resembles the Harbin Y-12, although the in game aircraft is much smaller.

At the front there are two visible pitot tubes (one on either side).

According to the Rebel drop info: "As Medici is an archipelago, chartered flights are common among those that can afford it. The Urga U17 Akrobat is the workhorse of the domestic flight circuit."


If the name is anything to go by, then this plane should be good for stunts. Should being the key word. If the wing hits anything, the plane will spin out of control with little to no chance of getting it back. Attempts of ditching it will result in violent maneuvers acted out by the plane's buoyancy in a usually failed attempt of flying again. Another case of losing control would be caused by towing a heavy load, such as vehicles, which it will rapidly roll forwards with no chance of regaining control.

For a civilian vehicle it is fairly fast and agile, capable of going up to 305 km/h with nitros.

If one lands hard enough, the landing gear may break off.


In missions:

During free roam gameplay:

  • 2 parked on the airfield near Cava de Rebelles.
  • 2 parked at an airport next to Guardia Plagia II, in northern Insula Fonte.
  • 3 at the civilian airport in north-west Maestrale.
    • 2 are in a hangar.
    • 1 on the runway. Rico may spawn next to it when the game is started. This one is always green and yellow.
  • Can uncommonly be seen flying around Medici.
  • At an airfield in the mid-west of Insula Dracon. Rico may spawn next to it when the game is started.


  • An "akrobat" (spelled as acrobat in English) is a type of circus performer.
    • "Akrobat" is the Czech spelling.
  • It's made by the fictional company Urga.
  • This is the only passenger plane in Just Cause 3.
  • This was one of the first vehicles seen in early images of the game, and this is also the first vehicle you should see in the game.
  • This is the only civil vehicle made by Urga.
  • As a small passenger plane, it's the successor to the Stirling Jet Exclusive 9 from Just Cause and Cassius 192 from Just Cause 2.
  • Just Cause 4 has an almost exactly identical plane, under the name Emsavion Cropduster. None of the vehicle names are reused despite several of them being pretty much copies of JC3 vehicles.
  • Its wheels will break off if you land too hard; it may take some time to successfully achieve.
  • Its identification code is "HOI MXIOI".


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